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  1. Landlover

    30” Gilbert shaft

    I’m selling a like new 30”, 13 mm, .844” joint diameter, 4.1 oz shaft 3/8x10 pin with original Triangle tip on a LBM ferrule from Andy Gilbert. This shaft came from a jump break that a guy had made and he had Andy make a shooting shaft and he never played with it. I got it in a trade and it is...
  2. Landlover

    Smoking Aces Brackets

    Does anyone have a link to the Smoking Aces $4000 added brackets from this weekend?
  3. Landlover

    WTB Magic Wrap fixture

    I’m looking for a used Magic Wrap fixture. I already have a nice template, so I only need the fixture.
  4. Landlover

    WTB Magic Wrap fixture

    I’m looking for a used Magic Wrap fixture. I already have a nice template, so I only need the fixture.
  5. Landlover

    WTB 9' Break Rak

    I'm looking for a 9' or Pro Break Rak.I bought one. Thanks!
  6. Landlover

    Griffin cue help please

    I need the joint diameter and pilot depth and diameter for a Griffin shaft. I am making a shaft for a guy that lives out of state. He has a Griffin Chinese made cue that Cuestix sells and he doesn’t have a way to measure it. I told him that I could just measure a buddy of mine’s but he sold the...
  7. Landlover

    Help find this QR pin insert

    One of my buddies lost his forearm/jump handle at the pool hall. He wants me to make him a new one and I can’t find this pin anywhere? It will fit on a J&J/Action/McDermott Star. It seems to be close to a 5/16x10 quick pin of some sort. The cue is a Woody Woodworth jump/break. I would appreciate...
  8. Landlover

    JB Ultimate Rugged 3x6

    I’m selling a JB Ultimate Rugged 3x6 with backpack straps, towel ring, and upgraded tri-color pattern. The case is slightly used and is in excellent shape. $old
  9. Landlover

    Cyclops Ares ball set brand new

    A buddy of mine got this set with his new Diamond table and he is going to keep on using his Aramith Professional ball set. These are brand new traditional colored Ares Cyclops. $Old
  10. Landlover

    F/S Older Lucasi Cue

    I’m selling an older Lucasi cue that is in very good condition. It isn’t perfect but it’s close. It rolls straight together and apart. It’s 58” (29” even split), 19.8 oz (shaft 4.3 oz, butt 15.5 oz), .845” joint, Uni-Loc pin, 13mm shaft. $Old!
  11. Landlover

    Adams family? Cue ID help please?

    An old man at the pool hall walked in and was shooting with this cue. I had put a tip on his normal player and this was his snooker cue/backup. I asked if it was for sale and he said of course because we don’t have anymore snooker tables and he can’t see anymore anyway. He sold it to a friend...
  12. Landlover

    Ikon 3-2

    I’m looking for a Predator Ikon 3-2.
  13. Landlover

    Meucci cue ID help please?

    An old local cue maker passed away and I’ve been helping sell some of his stuff. What model number is this Meucci? Thanks!
  14. Landlover

    60” Schmelke f/s

    I’m selling a 60” even split Schmelke cue. It rolls straight and is 19.2 oz, 3/8x10 pin, Triangle tip, and is 12.25mm at the tip. It has been played and has some collar dings but you can see in the pictures that they aren’t too bad. This would make someone a really good bar beater. I’ll take...
  15. Landlover

    5/16x14 shaft f/s

    I have a 29” 5/16x14 piloted shaft for sale. It weighs 3.5 oz, .837” joint diameter, 12.85mm tip, and Kamui Clear medium tip. It rolls good but you can see a slight bit of light under it when you roll it. It’s not noticeable when it’s screwed on a cue or from above. It plays really nice. I’ll...
  16. Landlover

    Jumping Jax shaft f/s 3/8x10

    I’m selling a Jumping Jax Dymonwood jump/break shaft. It is in like new condition, 29.5”, 5.8 oz, .853” joint, 13.15mm tip, black phenolic ferrule, 3/8x10 pin, and has an Andy Gilbert Gator tip on it. It breaks and jumps effortlessly and rolls perfectly. $old
  17. Landlover

    Andy Gilbert 3/8x10 shaft f/s

    I have a 29” Andy Gilbert shaft. It weighs 3.6 oz, tip diameter is 13.35mm, and the joint diameter is .852”. It rolls straight and plays great. There is a chip in the finish but could be fixed easily. $old
  18. Landlover

    Starkey 2 point butterfly cue f/s

    I’m selling a 59” 29.5”-29.5” even split Chuck Starkey cue. It has a 3/8x10 pin, weighs 18.5 oz together, butt weighs 14.7oz, shaft weighs 3.8 oz, .848” joint diameter, and 12.5mm Tzar medium tip. It has a very slight taper roll but plays fantastic and has a GREAT feel. I believe the wood is a...
  19. Landlover

    3 3/8x10 shafts f/s

    I have 3 3/8x10 shafts for sale. From right to left I have a McDermott G-Core, B&D LD shaft with Andy Gilbert jump break rings installed by Andy Gilbert, and a plain collar Andy Gilbert shaft. They are all 29” shafts. The G Core weighs 3.5 oz, 12.65mm, .850” joint and has a slight taper roll...
  20. Landlover

    JB 4x8

    I'm looking for a JB Ultimate Rugged 4x8.