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    Tiger Cue Reviews - Newer Reviews of Newer Series

    I searched the forum (and the internet) and saw some reviews of Tiger cues from a few years ago, but nothing recent. I'm not looking for a review of Tiger's shafts...I have several of them. I'm more interested to read if anyone has a review/opinion about the butt section as well. I've been...

    Blow Out Sale Price On A Decent Sized Tascarella - Sale Only

    Never mind...I won't give it away...

    Predator Shaft Joint Measurements

    If you've a stock Predator shaft (edited - UNILOC), and have the ability to measure the joint collar, would you mind posting what type of shaft you have and what the "exact" measurement of the joint collar is? I tried the search function, but couldn't weed through the number of threads to find...

    Manning Cues - Heath Manning - Customer Service 101

    Due to the numerous threads lately complaining about customer service from some of the "bigger" dealer websites, I've been meaning to write this for the last week or so...I guess time gets away from all of us! :o I suppose I need this "disclaimer" - I'm in no way affiliated with Heath other...

    WTB: Mezz WX900 Shaft (United Joint)

    I'm looking to see if anyone wants to part with a MINT Mezz WX900 29" shaft. I found the lowest price online of $234 for the United Joint. :) EDIT: Never mind...went with new! :)

    Removing deep chalk marks on cue ball

    I'm sure this has been questioned and posted ad nauseam...but even with the search function, I couldn't find a thread on it. Is there a way to eliminate the seemingly deeply imbedded chalk marks on a cue ball? Is it only into the wax finish on the ball...where the wax could be removed with a...

    FS: Tascarella - It's a Pretty Decent Sized One - Might Make Someone's Day with Price

    Tascarella: This Beautiful cue is loaded with inlays: 100 Inlays. - Birdseye Maple Forearm. - Four Cocobolo Points. - Three veneers. - Each Cocobolo point has a floating Ebony point with 3 Ivory diamonds. The top and middle ones are bordered in Ebony. - Total inlays in points is 24. - Phenolic...

    FS: Mezz MI-2 (Mika Immonen Line) - WD700 Shaft - Recent Refinish

    This cue was recently refinished by Scott Sherbine (Proficient Billiards). Has the Mezz X-Bumper. Mezz logo was taken off with the refinish. No Trades. Price includes shipping CONUS. PayPal as gift or add 4%. Mezz MI-2 with WD700 Shaft Condition: Straight - No Dents/Dings Joint: United (Mezz's...

    FS: Mezz Cue - Lucasi Cue - Joss Break Cue - Tiger & Lucasi LD Shafts - Vollmer Shaft

    FS: Mezz Cue - Lucasi Cue - Joss Break Cue - Tiger & Lucasi LD Shafts - Vollmer Shaft No Trades Thanks. Prices include shipping CONUS only. PayPal as a gift or add 4%. 1.SOLD 2.SOLD 3. Lucasi LZC39 Condition: Rings have popped - Lucasi has a lifetime warranty. New stickers still on cue...

    WTT: Bob Owen "Bushka" and a "custom" Jacoby D11 For a Mezz MI2 or MI3

    WTT: Bob Owen "Bushka" and a "custom" Jacoby D11 For a Mezz MI2 or MI3 Off the market...

    FS/FT: Artistic Engineering Cue (AE Cue) - Burl Beauty - Ivory Monster!

    I'd have to say it's the best looking cue I've owned...ever! That plus AE cues are some of the best hitting cues out there too. :) All white is ivory... ;) Butt: 15.99oz Shaft: 3.91oz 12.57mm Shaft: 3.81oz 12.61mm I found no flaws in the cue! :) $(DEAL PENDING) shipped CONUS - Open to...

    Schon Cue - ID of One of The Best Hitting Cues I've Played!

    I've had several Schon cues through my hands over the years...never a Runde era Schon...although I've had a pretty "decent sized" 2009 Runde that plays phenomenal! I've had some from the early to mid-90's and I've even had a few of the newer CX line through my hands...which I don't particularly...

    FS: Two Cues // Lucasi LHF56 // Mezz Cue (United Joint) // Lucasi LHX-14 Shaft


    FS: JD Custom - Bridged Veneers - Segmented Handle - Ebony & Curly Sapele - 212 Inlay

    FS: JD Custom - Bridged Veneers - Segmented Handle - Ebony & Curly Sapele - 212 Inlay That was quick...gone to a good home!

    FS: Exceptionally Nice Barnhart - Tuxedo - Ivory - Leather - Inlay in Inlays - Silver

    Thanks to everyone who made the comments or showed interest publicly and privately. This one's off the market for now.

    WTB: Lambros Cue - Mike Lambros - Ultra Joint - Inlays

    Wanted: Mike Lambros Pool Cue (United Joint) Exactly that...I'm looking to see if there are any Lambros Pool Cues people are wanting to let go of... No Merry Widows No wrapless... Inlays Inlays Inlays Ultra Joint Leather wrap preferred...but that can be changed easily, so not a "must"...

    WTB: Exceed Cue - Mezz Exceed - Bring 'em Out of the Closet!!!

    Found what i was looking for...thanks all! ;)

    Lizard Wrap - Layer at Seam "Lifting"

    I've got a lizard wrap on a cue, and the top "layer" of the leather has lifted just slightly (and I do mean slightly) in a couple small places...enough to feel it...and it happens to be right where I hold the cue. Is there any way to salvage this and fix this issue without rewrapping as the...

    FS: Nova - Nubs Wagner - Ivory & Malachite "Monster" Cue

    I've been debating this one for a little while...I've had a LOT of inquiries about this cue through PMs recently. I'm not listing this at a rock-bottom steal of a price...but I think it's pretty fair compared to some of the selling prices we've seen on some recent Novas! No trades on this...