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  1. brilliance

    GO-SL Custom Fiber Shaft - 3/8-10, 12.5mm, 30"

    Hello, I have GO-SL custom fiber shaft for sale, its 12.5mm and 30", uses 3/8-10. Shaft is basically brand new, maybe 20 racks played. Covid did its thing, local bars are open, however, pool tables are closed in PA.... Ki-Tech Medium Soft tip Whoever did test hit was impressed. NEW PRICE...
  2. brilliance

    ELITE cue butt for fiber shaft, yes or no?

    I need cheap butt with 3-8-10 for my new fiber shaft, was going to get ELITE EP33 Are these made well? I dont want to invest big $$$ for butt to use in bars...
  3. brilliance

    Barnhart shaft- dense straight grains - 3/8-10

    Barnhart shaft- very dense & straight grains - RADIAL NOTE: Pin is RADIAL, cant edit title that says 3-8-10 For sale is used Barnhart shaft, needs cleaning, otherwise, as new. I used for 2-3 weeks, just fell in love with fiber shaft. 29.5" 12.7mm radial pin 4.35oz Shaft has very dense and...
  4. brilliance

    HOW cue tips, where to get in USA?

    Does anybody sell HOW tips in USA?
  5. brilliance

    GO Custom Fiber Shafts

    Does anybody use GO Custom fiber shafts, if so how do they play and how they compare with Revo or Ignite?
  6. brilliance

    Mezz WX-Σ Sigma shaft

    Did anybody try new WX-Σ Sigma shaft from Mezz? How it plays compared to WX700 and Mezz Ignite?
  7. brilliance

    Lomax Sneaky Pete

    About a month old Rosewood Lomax sneaky pete for sale. Such a nice hitting cue with excellent balance. I just got opportunity to get fancy Lomax, otherwise, its a keeper! Avoid long waiting time to get one. 18.35oz (adjustable), (Butt 14.8 and Shaft 3.55) Shaft with dense, straight...
  8. brilliance

    Predator 314-3 shaft only - 3/8-10 pin (fits modified as well)

    Predator 314-3 shaft only - 3/8-10 pin (fits modified as well) It has 2 very minor dings that I can get fixed for extra $20, otherwise, shaft is about 6 months old and has been used maybe 5 nights all together. SOLD
  9. brilliance

    Poison VX4 jump break cue

    Poison jump break cue for sale, its in excellent condition, about a year old. I play Monday nights only so its not used a lot. SOLD
  10. brilliance

    Josey JAVA shaft?

    Does anybody owns Josey JAVA shaft, any feedback or comparison to Timeless Timber shafts?
  11. brilliance

    How to recreate this sound (hit)?

    Please turn volume up and hear the sound when Efren hits the ball. Can you guys tell me: - what kind of wood - ferule material - ferule installation type (capped, uncapped, what thread) - tip brand and hardness - weight would do this? I have several better cues that plays well but non has...
  12. brilliance

    Troy Bolden cue for sale

    This is Troy Bolden cue, rosewood into purpleheart. 3/8-10 pin 12.75mm shaft 19.2oz Butt: 15.35oz Shaft: 3.85oz Balance point: 19" Very well balanced cue that hits amazing, uses I believe Zan tip. Has small scuffs at the edge of the butt. SOLD, PayPal friends
  13. brilliance

    Best used 9' pool table for under $1000?

    What would be the best pool table, 9' long, used for under $1000? Its for home use.
  14. brilliance

    Lambros LD Shaft for Ultra Joint

    I have old Lambros LD shaft, 12.75mm for sale. These are not begin produced anymore. It uses Ultra Joint and has MilkDud tip installed. Plays a bit stiffer than his regular shaft and slightly less deflection. Lambros taper. Shaft was recently refinished by Mike Lambros and it ready for action...
  15. brilliance

    Lambros LD Shaft for Ultra Joint

    ... please delete, posted by mistake in this section
  16. brilliance

    Most underrated cuemakers?

    Who do you think is the most underrated cuemaker in terms of playability and hit?
  17. brilliance

    Predator Z3 for 3/8-10 and 3/8-10 modified pin - cheap

    This is test hit, brand new Predator Z3 shaft that fits 3/8-10 and 3/8-10 modified pin. I used it for maybe 3 hours max, no dings or imperfections. Kamui black or Onyx tip installed. Its 29" SOLD
  18. brilliance

    Hsu Kai-Lun real winner of US open 2019

    Look at who he beaten so far during tournament: - Adam King 11-2 - Mika Immonen 11-4 - Jeffrey Ignacio 11-8 - Joshua FILLER 11-8 - Wu Jiaquing 11-3 He almost got Liu Haitao as well, one of the worlds best at the moment... This guy deserves topic! :D btw what cue is he using, must be another...
  19. brilliance

    Pat Diveney shafts

    Two P. Diveney shafts for sale, both used about a month in perfect like new condition and really good hitting ones. Both feature very dense straight grained wood, hand picked, Diveney tapper. - Shaft with white ferrule is just under 30" long, 12.78mm - price lowered to $180 - Shaft with...
  20. brilliance

    Jacoby Butt Only

    Jacoby butt only, about 4 months old, its like brand new, no imperfection or dents. Radial pin Perfect for those of you who needs radial butt player. $159 shipped to USA only PayPal friends