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  1. Dan_B

    Earth 300 Gigayacht

    It's hard to imagine that with all the smarts involved in this one not having a gyro balancing modified 9'r, for space and weight constraints you understand. link: This Insane 984-Foot Explorer Gigayacht Has a Giant ‘Science Sphere’ for Research ( ..not sure what it is however I'm...
  2. Dan_B

    Black Ball ?

    ...a rouge version, Rouge County Black Ball Winner of the lag gets choice of rack and location. In a best of or a race loser gets choice of rack and location. Opening break must hit the black ball first from the “D”. Black spots if it pots on the break -1. No call, like 9 ball. All balls...
  3. Dan_B

    Basin Park Hotel New Room

    Well.. they finally acted on the memo, seen the light, what they had before was an embarrassment. The tables are OK, 8', the point is is it's a get away place for a match up.
  4. Dan_B

    10 + 1

    it plays, 10Ball +1, A rack of 10 ball and a rack of 10 reds. 10 ball rules + the required making of a red ball between numbered balls, like snooker but in reverse, no call needed on red when its time to make a red. Pegs out on the cribbage board, must peg exactly out in the end. Pegging is 1...
  5. Dan_B

    board test

    as in 8 ball bingo board test... :dance: :winknudge: :shocked2: :duck: Dechaine wins the lag, racks and breaks the 5 ball in the 8 ball Pocket, the 11 ball in the N Pocket and the 15 ball in the O Pocket with the cue ball finishing in the kitchen. 1. in the 8ball Pocket...
  6. Dan_B

    2 1/4 or 2 1/8

    For some reason been getting a more noticeable jump of the ball from the short rails with top on the ball (2 1/4). I know I have the nosing low, just above 1 5/16, maybe should of pitched the cushion a little more down. Anyways, decided to get a 2 1/8 set and see how they work, the response...
  7. Dan_B

    The Billiard world at $6 a barrel of oil

    With oil at $6 a barrel, gold crowns, valleys, diamonds, balls and such with all the resin's, plastic's and laminate's used should drop the price, especially the glues needed and used. Then all the dead wood to follow for cue's from a lack of carbon that oil produces.
  8. Dan_B

    4Ball Racing - The New Frontier

    Like everyone else, enjoying the recognition of what liberty means; Cheer up, billiards is alive and well. The frontier holds great fortunes for this cue sport as it evolves from the great hustle for the few to the hospitality vested pleasure of the many so inclined, fashioned much in the...
  9. Dan_B

    What would be your hypothetical input of scores?

    Cooking up a singles tournament league using Fargorate “Plan C” league format, made this worksheet, the names and fargorate scores are real from last years’ bca league, all that’s needed are some scores - some hypothetical scores; thinking it would be more fun if disinterested impartial...
  10. Dan_B

    Need driver with rig to move 10,000lbs 700 miles

    From the should I or shouldn't I offer file; for a $2,000credit + fuel move 10,000 lbs. of table slate 700 miles to this location. In return; Receive $2,000 off a substantially already discounted EXTRAORDINAIRE table, loaded, for $8,000 built and delivered-within reason.
  11. Dan_B

    Zombie 1P

    Staying in the meme of what’s possible and the narrowly minded table center racked for 1p that takes sides for a little more added life for 1p, some zombie 1p will do it, maybe… The Dastardly Dangerous Designations for Zombie 1p are as follows; Same set-up as said before in that One Pocket...
  12. Dan_B

    Wood Cue Case #5, 2 x 3 for sale $250

    You have options; 2 x 2 display or 2 x 3 storage Using the cue cuzy version is an easy funk functional cue crib that can be changed out with little effort, held in with a 2 sided tape. more images and details
  13. Dan_B

    4 BALL Package for a 7' table

    Everything you need to get started. For Sale $590.00 + frt. Break apart pricing; Straight Rack - white - $100.00 Little Bend - grey - 135.00 Big Bend - black - 155.00 Rack for Racks 85.00 Box of 5 commercial grade Billiard Balls 45.00 made in the USA Initial package of 12/24 rack locations...
  14. Dan_B

    Wood, Mobile Display Cue Case #4 $250

    Stow, Show and Go Wood Cue Case: 2x3 Clear coat on unknown wood veneer cue case #4 FS $250. Sold, thank you everyone who gave it a look 34 1/2" long weighing 2.9 lbs. More picture's and info here Updated the option to fit 30" butt and shaft, same price, check out the more info link...
  15. Dan_B

    $350 (set of 5) joint protectors, 2 j X 3 wood case included

    Updated to a 2 j X 3, the ( j ) is for the Jump Stick placement feature. .For more Pictures and contact info
  16. Dan_B

    About the 9 on the spot ?’s [ US 9 BALL OPEN]

    I may have missed the rule somewhere, I seen it talked about once without a conclusion; it’s just that from the cheap seats I can’t tell. Is the 9 on the spot? Assuming the idea is to prevent wins on a 9 ball break. If so, with the amount of play that there is, is it a factor, not so many...
  17. Dan_B

    2 x 2 wood cue case - new

    all the details No.1 Cue Case Owner wanted a Handle added, did not want to take a chance of dropping it, I can appreciate that. Thanks for looking, Dan
  18. Dan_B

    2x3 Wood cue case introduction

    With no visible latch, catch, pockets or handle and a not so visible hinge/pin, it may be easiest to refer to this style of case as “the naked” cue case. This all started with a major pick-up of material thru a habitat for humanity auction that Dassault Falcon Jet contributed too. All of this...
  19. Dan_B

    Tuesday Drill

    THIS IS A DRILL Score Card The Rules The “Half Court Rule” is in effect. All 3rd sighted racks must be initialed, shot from the opposite side of the center line. References for the “how to shoot 4Ball” and same info...
  20. Dan_B

    Mondays Line

    Some 4Play for you, I figure since it is the first Monday of the year why not start with something a little different to do? The rules are over here: Score Sheet is below or use the tape type shown above. This first line is not very...