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  1. 63Kcode

    Vigus cue #2 for 2021

    Cue is spoken for. Thanks for looking. Larry
  2. 63Kcode

    A little Honduran rosewood burl.

    Thanks for looking. Larry Vigus
  3. 63Kcode

    Larry Vigus reflection 360

    Finished this one today. Cue is sold. Thanks for looking. Larry
  4. 63Kcode

    Shelby Williams tribute cue.

    Had a customer send me this picture of one of Shelby’s short spliced, bridged point, eight point cues and asked if I could do a full splice version.
  5. 63Kcode

    Current project

    Thanks for looking! Larry Vigus
  6. 63Kcode

    ‘‘Tis the season

    To post a cue with boxes and diamonds
  7. 63Kcode

    Box cue for Dean

    Thanks for looking!
  8. 63Kcode

    Mr. Ganz new Vigus cue.

    Thanks for your purchase!
  9. 63Kcode

    Dean Campbell your next Vigus is almost done.

    Thanks for looking!
  10. 63Kcode

    A bridge to far?

    Cue is spoken for. Thanks for looking!
  11. 63Kcode

    Everyone loves to make fun of Deanoc for no pictures.

    Here is one he sold. Without knowing anything about it. Not even the price.
  12. 63Kcode

    Last Vigus of 2018

    Thanks for looking! Larry
  13. 63Kcode

    Dean your cue is done.

    Thanks for looking! Larry
  14. 63Kcode

    Something new I am finishing

    Cue is spoken for! Thanks for looking.
  15. 63Kcode

    A little old school for Deano

    My first box cue.
  16. 63Kcode

    Reflection 360

    Been wanting to do a 360ish cue for awhile. Thanks for looking! Larry Vigus
  17. 63Kcode

    Had my own Larry Vigus cue to play with.

    For all of two hours. Have been borrowing my wifes cue for the last two years. My daughters for two years before that. Finished this one at 10:00 this morning. 60" wrappless, 19+oz 12.75 mm shafts. Just like I like to play with. Didn't get to hit a ball with it yet. Told Dean about it at lunch...
  18. 63Kcode

    First Vigus of 2016

    Looks like it will be a slow cue year for me! Thanks for looking! Larry
  19. 63Kcode

    Last Vigus of 2016

    Thanks for looking! Larry
  20. 63Kcode

    Last cue of 2015

    Thanks for all the support and nice comments this year! Thanks for looking and have a safe and happy New Year! Larry Vigus