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    Willie Joplins Ultimate one pocket dvd

    Anyone know where I can get these dvds. I loaned my copies to a fellow member here years ago and never got them back.
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    Ultimate one pocket dvd

    Anyone know where I can get these dvds. I loaned my copies to a fellow member here years ago and never got them back.
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    Finish over wrap

    Has anyone here ever tried finishing over a stacked leather wrap? If so how did it turn out? I have a Bludworth that I absolutly love the playability of but the leather wrap is bugging the hell out of me. I thought about Meuccifying over a linen wrap but I think a finished over stacked leather...
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    Great deal on a diamond table, very honest seller LMAO How is this guy not in jail.
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    WTF happened to my thread!!!!!! In need of a BJ

    Look for a break/jump. No dymodwood or purpleheart
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    He is back!!!!!!!!!
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    Looking for a CAN'T turn down deal!!!!!!

    No production cues..... Minimal use of purpleheart.... Prefer wrapless but not set in stone $1500 or less....... MUST BE A DEAL!!!!!! Let the offers begin :smile:
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    Wrapless josey

    Looking for something under 1500. (No sneakies)
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    US Open brackets

    Is there anywhere besides AZ that has the brackets posted. I can't view the AZ bracket with my cell or my tablet
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    Just in case anyone was looking
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    Lighting strikes again on the Bay

    I thought after the last time I found the deal of a life time on ebay that I'd never get so lucky again. Well I was luckily mistaken. Bid all you want you fools because this guy is going to swoop down and take his prize in a last second bid...
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    Cue Making

    Ive been toying with the idea of getting into cue making. I'll start off by letting you all know right away I have no intention of doing it for a living so all your jobs are safe....LOL Basically I just want to do it for a hobby when I'm not workinig. I know its not some thing I can get into...
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    WTB 9ft Diamond or Gold Crown

    Im in kansas and looking for something thats not to far away to get. Please do not waste our time offering anything else besides what was stated because I will not be interested. Thanks in advance mike
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    Well after alot of thought I decided to sell my bluegrass player. The cue could use a refinish but still plays lights out like it is. One shaft is about an inch shorter and when I talked to richard he could tell me if it had been ordered that way or not. Richard also told me it would be 125 if I...
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    burlington kansas

    Just found out im going to be out that way working for a few months. Any poolhalls or tourneys out that way. Or any pool scene at all out that way?
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    400 to spend

    I have $400 sitting in my paypal burning a hole. Whats out there that nice and wrapless!
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    deal of a life time

    Figured I should pass this on to my fellw azers.
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    Pottstown PA

    Looks like im going to be spending some time in the area. Curious about what they have for places to play.
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    Rare,rare, rare!!!!!!!Porper!!!!!!!

    You dont see one of these come along very often. This beauty is 18oz and has a 12.5mm snaft. Joe Porper is mostly known for his outstanding case but he was also a top notch cue maker. This cue is in excellent condition and will make a great addition to anyone playing arsenal or cue collection...
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    killer jacoby