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  1. 63Kcode

    Vigus cue #2 for 2021

    Correct, it’s olive wood.
  2. 63Kcode

    Vigus cue #2 for 2021

    Cue is spoken for. Thanks for looking. Larry
  3. 63Kcode

    Opinions on personal protection

    Filters only remove solids. The vapors would still be expelled. Unless it’s charcoal filters. Where I used to work. We had fume incinerators. I used to spray about 20 gallons of Imron every day for years. Then come home and paint cars in my restoration shop. I have probably been exposed more...
  4. 63Kcode

    Opinions on personal protection

    Polyisocynates(actiavator) is absorbed through your eyes and attacks your nervous system. Solvents are absorbed through your skin and attack your liver.
  5. 63Kcode

    Honduran Rosewood Burl

    It’s doable, don’t get in a hurry and use a very stable wood as a core.
  6. 63Kcode

    Ink for signing cues

    I sign in pencil
  7. 63Kcode

    Cue maker signatures

    I think signatures should be understated.
  8. 63Kcode

    A little Honduran rosewood burl.

    Thanks for looking. Larry Vigus
  9. 63Kcode

    Larry Vigus reflection 360

    Finished this one today. Cue is sold. Thanks for looking. Larry
  10. 63Kcode

    Shelby Williams tribute cue.

    Had a customer send me this picture of one of Shelby’s short spliced, bridged point, eight point cues and asked if I could do a full splice version.
  11. 63Kcode

    Current project

    Thanks for looking! Larry Vigus
  12. 63Kcode

    ‘‘Tis the season

    To post a cue with boxes and diamonds
  13. 63Kcode

    Box cue for Dean

    Thanks for looking!
  14. 63Kcode

    Mr. Ganz new Vigus cue.

    Thanks for your purchase!
  15. 63Kcode

    Quiting pool sale,everything must go

    Trying to post some pictures for Dean.
  16. 63Kcode

    Dean Campbell your next Vigus is almost done.

    Thanks for looking!
  17. 63Kcode

    A bridge to far?

    Cue is spoken for. Thanks for looking!