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  1. Brain71

    Keith Josey cue

    Up for sale is a Keith Josey cue. 4 cocobolo points with flare tips into birdseye forearm. Cocobolo buttsleeve. Black lizard wrap. 19oz. Radial pin. Everything straight together and apart. 1 shaft at 13mm with brand new Kamui black tip. Butt has some dings. $750 OBO. No trades. Please PM me for...
  2. Brain71

    Jacoby Edge

  3. Brain71

    Mike Capone Cue

    Up for sale is a Mike Capone cue. 5 cocobolo points into birdseye forearm. Cocobolo buttsleeve with deco rings throughout. Full ivory joint with brass radial pin. 19oz. White with double brown spec Irish linen wrap. 2 shafts. 1 at 13mm, the 2nd at 12.5mm. Cue is mint. Straight together and apart...
  4. Brain71

    Sold Keith Josey J/B

    Up for sale is a Keith Josey jump break. Made in 2012. 13mm. 19oz. Radial pin in both sections. Black phenolic ferrule with white diamond ultra tip. Everything straight together and apart with no nicks or dings. No trades. $600 + shipping. PM me with any questions.
  5. Brain71

    Rear Extension

    Looking for a Jacoby rear extension with bumper. Bumper needs to be 3/8 16.
  6. Brain71

    Sold Keith Josey Shaft

  7. Brain71

    Wrap Cleaning

    What are the best methods with a lathe to clean a linen wrap? Thanks.
  8. Brain71

    Sold Mike Capone

  9. Brain71

    L/F Josey

    Hi I'm looking for an ebony floating point Keith Josey. I have a Mike Capone to trade.
  10. Brain71

    The Color of Money is on Amazon

    On the snap Vincent....
  11. Brain71

    Rick Roper Extension

  12. Brain71


  13. Brain71

    Capone, Carmeli

  14. Brain71

    Keith Josey

    Looking for a floating point Keith Josey. I have a Mike Capone to trade. PM me.Thanks.
  15. Brain71

    LTT 2 Keith Joseys

    Going to relist. Thank you.
  16. Brain71


    I need a pointed live center. Looking to see if anyone has a used one for cheap. Thanks and hope everyone is doing well.
  17. Brain71

    Cory Barnhart F/S

    Up for sale is an 8 point Cory Barnhart. Brand new and mint. Ebony buttsleeve, 8 sharp ebony points into curly purple 💜. Silver dot ringwork throughout. Stingray wrap. 2 shafts. 1 stock tip the other is a Kamui black medium. 19oz. Radial pin. PM me for pics
  18. Brain71

    Stainless steel Barnhart

    Looking for a Cory Barnhart with a stainless steel joint. I know they're sleeved and it's fine. PM me.
  19. Brain71

    Diamond Rack

    Looking for a diamond rack for a friend. Thanks.
  20. Brain71

    Floating point Josey

    Looking for a floating point Keith Josey. Must have 2 13mm shafts. I have one to trade. PM me. Thanks.