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  1. CreeDo

    Problems with getting SVB/Shaw stream to work

    This happens with every pool streamer it seems like. Frustrating. It's never straightforward. As far as I can tell, here are the hoops you have to jump through: • Make an account on the promoter's website. • Pay on the promoter's site. • Make a whole separate account on the streaming...
  2. CreeDo

    I heard John Schmidt ran a 407 last week, then 434 just today. Any confirmation?

    Seems weird, I hear this on social media but not on John Schmidt's page. Does he not post anywhere anymore? I would think he'd want to post about runs like this :o
  3. CreeDo

    It's a dead horse but...this pic might sum up why USA doesn't win the MC anymore.

    The top is what a world-class major looks like. The bottom is the US Open. Granted it's not a shot of the US Open at its most packed, but I've attended a couple and this is what it looks and feels like. It's got a sort of informal, DIY vibe. You can sit right by the TV table most of the...
  4. CreeDo

    Anyone try Darren's "around the houses" drill? It's tough but fun.

    I tried this drill with a buddy, scotch doubles style, and we struggled to even get 3 balls. I love it though because it focuses on a common position shot that requires a lot of touch and carries some risk. The basic pattern can be done with...
  5. CreeDo

    If you didn't see yet, here's Carlo Biado 17-0 vs. the ghost

    A very nice exhibition. This guy plays nice simple position and throughout the run you're rarely going to see him get out of line to the point where he has to thin cut, bank, pound a shot, or shoot long. He looks like he can go forever roasting the ghost, when he finally misses it's a totally...
  6. CreeDo

    Griping about skids... what's your gut say? Excuse or legit?

    One guy in the DCC just posted he got about a half dozen skids in one set, several of them on the same ball. I remember when cyclop balls were first introduced at a major tournament, there was this epidemic of skid complaints too. I know skids really happen, but what's your first instinct...
  7. CreeDo

    Humidity test... anyone try seeing exactly how it affects things?

    I noticed on the stream the other night, Dennis vs. Ko Pin Yi. The commentators were going on like "now that everyone's left the room the humidity has improved and the table's playing much better... before, they made it so humid your cue ball couldn't touch a rail on the way in or it'd rattle...
  8. CreeDo

    FS: Brand New OB Pro Plus shaft. Never even chalked. $200 OBO.

    [SOLD] Brand New OB Pro Plus shaft. Never even chalked. $200 OBO. SOLD! OB PRO PLUS Shaft It is a RADIAL pin, make sure it will fit your cue before buying! This site may help: A buddy of mine is selling one of the new OB Pro Plus shafts for less than retail...
  9. CreeDo

    Large panorama of the action room at Q-Masters.

    This was done with an 18 megapixel DSLR rather than a cell phone so there's lots and lots of detail. But the photo is huge and will take a while to load. I will embed a small version in this post (if the forum software lets me) and link to the very large version, which is 44 megapixels. Full...
  10. CreeDo

    come say hi at the us open.

    I'm the big guy in gray and dark blue with the long lens camera.
  11. CreeDo

    A blunt exchange of opinions on FB.

    I know a lot of people say "eh, fb drama, who cares?" But lately, Facebook is the only place where you can see pro players say exactly what's on their mind, and publicly interact with each other and the promoters. You just don't see this stuff (much) on AZ. And I think it'd make for interesting...
  12. CreeDo

    DAG. Darren just blasted Chip with 7 wins in a row to win the set.

    Fight Night 6 just ended, and Darren activated his top one pocket gear to go from even, to winning the 7 ahead set. Ouch. To be fair Chip's wheels also fell off a bit, but I never saw him go into give-up mode. Darren just turned little half-mistakes into multi-ball runs. Some random...
  13. CreeDo

    SVB vs. Nick the Greek, starts in 5 minutes. Free stream.

    Stream link: Race to 50, 10-ball, winner breaks! Nick's home turf.
  14. CreeDo

    Darren disqualified in a straight pool match?

    In the accustats challenge, the announcers said he was DQ'd for unsportsmanlike conduct in one of his 14.1 matches, anyone know what they're talking about? Something about disturbing the balls... did he rake them or something?
  15. CreeDo

    Who is/was Chucklez65?

    Just noticed the other day we actually have a 2nd moderator, Chucklez65. Never saw him post before. Has a few posts between 2003 and 2011, then disappeared. An arizona techy/player who helped with the birth of the AZ forums?
  16. CreeDo

    Did a change in management ruin Trick Shot Magic?

    Saw an interesting thread on reddit's billiards section the other day, which basically said that when Andy Segal took over Trick Shot magic, he changed the rules and ruined it. I haven't watched in years but I know it was one of the few pool shows that consistently got airtime on TV. So I...
  17. CreeDo

    Corey's invented the next best thing to instant 9-on-the-snap.

    And it doesn't require any gaps in the rack. I wanna thank Westcoast for pointing this out in another thread. Corey will not be satisfied until he completely breaks 9 ball. First he figured out how to make a ball on the break every time and get a look at the 1. Then he figured out how to get...
  18. CreeDo

    Black-Balled Ripoff Report :D :D :D

    Congrats! That's right, Black Balled robbed everyone at this tournament. They had no idea this unassuming bicyclist could actually play a little. It was not that long ago that I met him, I was happy to learn he isn't too far. At first he...
  19. CreeDo

    To the owner of Pool-Trax...

    sorry, forgot your AZB user ID or I'd pm you. I was looking for TAR stats on your site and noticed it's gone from the list of pool tours. I can see the logic since they're done, but I think you should make defunct 'tours' available, maybe under a separate "inactive" list or link. Stats become...
  20. CreeDo

    Super Billiards Expo Trip Report

    This is part 1, I think there will be 8 parts total. Don't worry, it's not gonna be War & Peace! I'm just uploading tons of pics, and you're limited to 10 per post. SBE (or SBX) is an annual trade show + week-long group of tournaments. There are events for pros, amateurs, women, and seniors...