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  1. watchez

    AZB Reporting that Jeanette Lee is Diagnosed with Stage IV Ovarian Cancer

    There literally is no one that has done more for the promotion and recognition of pool (and the pool world) then Jeanette Lee since I have been around the game. She is the only true modern professional in the game in that she learned and knew how to turn her skill into a true image. Sad...
  2. watchez

    Real Gambling vs Stream Money Grab

    What % of the bigger streamed matches over the last year do you think are for real money as opposed to money grabs for the streamers PPV money? I know back in the days of the original streamer TAR, Justin stated he would never stream a match that wasn’t real in any way shape or form.
  3. watchez

    US Open 10 Ball - Seeded Brackets

    Rules state the tournament is gonna be seeded by FargoRate for top 16. Well the #1 player in the world didn’t get a Bye his first match.
  4. watchez

    CSI BCAPL Changes Hands
  5. watchez

    Entries for BCAPL

    Anyone know the link to see the entries in the divisions for the BCAPL ? I went to their website but I wasn’t smart enough to find it.
  6. watchez

    What does pool need to do to get to this?

    Golden Tee World Championships to be held June 9 & 10 will have approved legal betting in Las Vega$. That’s right - gambling on an arcade video game. I can let you know all rules had to be submitted to the Nevada Gambling Commission for approval. Things like this don’t happen just because it...
  7. watchez

    Why are Orcollo and Arenas not in the Pro Event at SBE?

    So why is the #5 and #8 player in the world not in the Pro Event at the SBE? Roy said it was a “long story” but I’ve got time to hear it. Instead they played in the Pro Am on bar tables.
  8. watchez

    What are the BCAPL National Events entry numbers this year compared to last year?

    Someone usually posts this --- just curious.
  9. watchez

    I have gone to the BCAPL Nationals every year since 1998 - this year I think I am out

    An end of an era -- just can't get myself to go this year. Anyone have any recommendations for places to stay or see in the Smokey Mountains?
  10. watchez

    Need Two Bar Tables Recovered in Monmouth Illinois

    I need two bar tables recovered in Monmouth Illinois (it's a town between Peoria and Davenport). Blue championship cloth. If you can do it or can point me in the direction of someone that can, reach out to me. Thanks
  11. watchez

    Need Two Bar Tables Recovered in Monmouth IL

    I need two bar tables recovered in Monmouth Illinois (it's a town between Peoria and Davenport). Blue championship cloth. If you can do it or can point me in the direction of someone that can, reach out to me. Thanks
  12. watchez

    Landon Shuffett - Please Play Pool

    I saw on Facebook where Landon posted he loved the pic of his team at the Ballpark Village event and where his team from Lindenwood won the free trip to watch the 2017 Mosconi beating a team of basically 5 pros out of Memphis High Pockets. And to those of you that want to 'fix' the...
  13. watchez

    Florida Action Pool Rooms ??

    I am gonna be in the following areas the first two weeks of November. What are the best action pool rooms in the area? (And No - not looking to play Justin Hall or Donnie Mills) JACKSONVILLE Ft LAUDERDALE / WEST PALM NAPLES / BONITA SPRINGS Thanks (Or if you have a boat to take me and my...
  14. watchez

    How To Fix The Mosconi Cup USA Team Points Race

    Maybe next year Matchroom will get it right. What did they do wrong this year: Having multiple point events on the same weekend = FAIL Having events on bar tables and big tables, when the MC is waged on a big table = FAIL Having events listed with different point totals = FAIL Having...
  15. watchez

    Anyone Have Updated USA Mosconi Cup Points After Last Weekend

    Last weekend had two Mosconi Cup Points events - Olathe and the West Coast Challenge. Anyone have a calculation on the current point totals for US men? Thanks
  16. watchez

    Why was the final grouping at the SBE Pro Events Single Elimination?

    Why was the SBE 10 Ball Event switched to single elimination when it got down to the final group of players? From their website: Pro 10 Ball Follow tourney brackets online! Click for Player Registration Starts Thursday at 12 Noon - Ends...
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    Mosconi Cup Point Events and Point Breakdown Announced MATCHROOM SPORT can announce the Official Mosconi Cup Team USA Ranking Events for the 2016 Europe v USA match which takes place at the Alexandra Palace in London from 6th to 9th December. Three of the five spots on Team...
  19. watchez

    Oscar Dominguez Does It Again

    Oscar had a scheduled match in the 9 Ball yesterday @ The DCC (also note that this is a Mosconi Cup points event). The match time was 2:15. His opponent - Randy Hanson owner of Big Dogs - thought the match was at 2:45. When Randy didn't show Oscar was given a forfeit and it was a done deal...
  20. watchez

    2015 post of the year -- send in your nominations

    It's that time again, as we close out 2015, to crown the Post of the Year. Please send any contenders with a link to the actual post to my message box. Any comment you feel is relative on why it should be considered can be added. We will sort thru the contenders and announce the final...