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  1. u12armresl

    Dennis vs Sky.

    I would like to see the same game on a Valley with a wood rack. Or add SVB to it and make it first one to 75 games. Wasn't too long ago we all had Jesse as the best bar table player. Guy hits um real good.
  2. u12armresl

    Dennis vs Sky.

    That's gotta be a REALLY expensive push to try and leave knowing that the guy you are playing has jumped out of and made several pushes.
  3. u12armresl

    Why do valley tables still use lead acid batteries?

    I'm curious why you care about how to cheat a table and then why they use lead acid batteries.
  4. u12armresl

    Dennis vs Sky.

    Yes, it does. As well as the other hype of there will be half a million bet. People stroking themselves and their egos.
  5. u12armresl

    Dennis vs Sky.

    Yes, it was some ridiculous figure. It's in the PPV or action forum, can't remember which, or both.
  6. u12armresl

    How fast can you run out on a valley bar box?

  7. u12armresl

    9 foot valley table? vs regular 7 foot.

    Where you going to get the money to do this, from saving on paying quarters with slugs?
  8. u12armresl

    Pool is alive and well in Wi.

    Diamonds have issues too, and the 2 1/2 diamonds is a hyperbole.
  9. u12armresl

    Over $380k bet on both sides 😳 WOODWARD VS ORCOLLO

    Should we all bow down because Carl is betting on this?
  10. u12armresl

    New update for DrillRoom, the billiard training app

    Is it a lot different making one for Android? I see lots of apps that don't get ported one way or the other.
  11. u12armresl

    Bank with a little twist

    The key to those games is to get out a bit quicker. Weldon did the same thing with a loaded up shaft, and he could run racks of 9 ball like that.
  12. u12armresl

    Cheating a coin chute? Is this possible?

    Robbing a car wash's coin changer....... Priceless.
  13. u12armresl

    Cheating a coin chute? Is this possible?

    Sigh. Jay, I bought both of your books and this story wasn't in either of them. Next book please.
  14. u12armresl

    Over $380k bet on both sides 😳 WOODWARD VS ORCOLLO

    If you read through the promoters posts, he had the same type of thing with another match, I wont go near it.
  15. u12armresl


    Based on some of your previous posts, I won't spend the money to watch or bet on it.
  16. u12armresl

    Wired breaks idea

    Sorry, but I have to disagree. Packages are in winner breaks only.
  17. u12armresl

    Wired breaks idea

    There are no packages in alternate break.
  18. u12armresl

    Wired breaks idea

    We all love to see packages, the more the better. Being old school, we didn't have to worry about templates, or people working on analyzing the rack like the players of today do. It's also not much fun to see the same ball go in the same pocket each break. How about if you make a ball or more...
  19. u12armresl

    Help Finding a Fun Video Series

    Was it Andrew Cleary he did a funny Mosconi Cup thing.
  20. u12armresl

    Fedor over Bergman

    For real. No human is the clear favorite against this guy, he is on another level. It's like Efren WITH a good break, and a jump stick.