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  1. u12armresl

    Wired breaks idea

    We all love to see packages, the more the better. Being old school, we didn't have to worry about templates, or people working on analyzing the rack like the players of today do. It's also not much fun to see the same ball go in the same pocket each break. How about if you make a ball or more...
  2. u12armresl

    Fedor over Bergman

    100-69 WOW
  3. u12armresl

    H.O.R.S.E for TV

    I've posted this years ago, but now with all the TV and tour talk I wanted to revisit it. We all know One Pocket is way too slow for TV, and 9 + 10 ball just don't seem to hold audiences. What about getting the fast and fun to watch "stroke" players, NOT trick shot players unless they wanted...
  4. u12armresl

    Spotted ball one pocket shot.

    Watch this shot at 6:13 from the stack of balls. I can never seem to make that ball
  5. u12armresl

    Has anyone seen the Brunswick Bar Table

    Johnny was talking about them. Brunswick 6 bar table with electronics package and software to reserve a table through an app. Love to see a picture of them.
  6. u12armresl

    Stalev in Georgia

    Looks like he's playing in Augusta at the $4k added event. This is HUGE. Anyone know why he is in the US? Is he here with Kristina?
  7. u12armresl

    90 Day Fiance pool

    The TV show 90 Day Fiance had a scene in VA at a bar with a lot of APA trophies and you can even see a nice black carbon shaft. Season 8 episode 9.
  8. u12armresl

    A new ball on the break rule maybe?

    So there are all kinds of variations of rules for the break. No 9 in the bottom 2 pockets. Get 3 balls past side pocket or 2nd diamond. Break from the box. Wooden rack. Template rack. I do not like breaking and having the one float to the same pocket every time, and the 2 going up table...
  9. u12armresl

    Your next shot?

    Saw this on a stream the other day and thought it would make a good post to hear your thoughts. Shooter is up and he has stripes. The 5 does not pass, but is bankable.ught that
  10. u12armresl

    Dominic Dale

    Saw a video of him recently playing 9 ball, and wondered if anyone knew anything about him. It was said he was a pretty good snooker player.
  11. u12armresl

    Rags to Rifleman question

    Hi, Wondering if anyone has a copy of it that they have read and would loan out (with a deposit) to let me read and then Fed Ex back to you. The prices are just so ridiculous on it. Of course this only goes out to people who have read copies, not ones they are trying to sell. Thanks everyone.
  12. u12armresl

    Reyes G. Match Question

    A respected player out of the Southern US mentioned today in a stream that there was an issue with Reyes G and a match in Florida involving police. Has anyone else heard this. I don't want to post a ton of details in case the info isn't entirely correct, but the person who mentioned it is a...
  13. u12armresl

    An interesting shot

    Picture that there are balls in the way and you are playing one hole. @0:26 seconds, he is trying to cut the ball down the rail, but what if you were able to intentionally play the tiddy.
  14. u12armresl

    Backer thread for new Tour

    Since people are talking about there not being enough interest for people on the new tour. Trying to get a thread started for people who may want to sponsor a player but don't have a player in their stable right now. I'll stake someone since there are a few around me. Anyone else interested?
  15. u12armresl

    Shirt idea based on TCOM

    What about a shirt with a thumbnail pic of each location (the ones still accessible) there was pool played in TCOM along with the signatures of all the people involved who are still around.
  16. u12armresl

    For those Dart and Snooker fans That is really really cool. What are your thoughts?
  17. u12armresl

    If you're Tyler's backer

    Do you play that same set again, the same way? or Even and try to bet more?
  18. u12armresl

    Pretty cool pool drawing

    Guy is primarily comic book artist, but loved this pool one.
  19. u12armresl

    New posts to very old threads

    There has been a lot of posts from years ago bumped by people who join in whatever month we happen to be in. Most recently a post about Shane from FL, bumped by someone with 2 posts joining in Oct 2020. Are they banned people, bots, other?
  20. u12armresl

    Your highest run/package

    Banks One pocket (if you have had to run more than 8, or 8 is fine) Nine Ball 10 Ball Straight Pool Snooker 3 Cushion Bar Table 9 ball Bar Table 8 ball