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    Diamond pro-am dimension

    Could someone with a diamond 9 foot pro-am table measure the distance from the floor to the bottom of the skirt? Trying to figure out if a ball cleaning machine will slide under the table. Appreciate it a lot, thanks.
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    Clean Gleen pool ball cleaner/polisher

    The Clean Gleem 16-ball capacity cleaner/polisher with free shipping through 10/17. See for details.
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    Any good one eyed pool players?

    Know of any pro or close to pro level players that are blind (or have greatly impaired vision) in one eye? I think Niels Feijen may have this problem, any others?
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    NPR Forum gone?

    Is it just me or is the NPR forum gone?
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    Mean Girls

    I'm just your normal (?) Joe working on improving my game. I'm happy with my cue but appreciate all the posts about the latest, greatest shafts and tips. I love my table but enjoy the talk about cloth, cushions and pocket size. The stroke and shooting advice you won't find anywhere else...
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    Craigslist Used Diamonds Chicago Area

    This looks like it may be a very good deal... Too bad they're not nine footers....
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    Just some standard 'Lockdown' Shot Drills

    This virus has most of us are stuck home alone has. I thought I'd share this if you want to keep your game sharp, have access to a table and want to try something new. These drills were given to me long time ago and they're a big part of my usual practice routine. They're based on the German...
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    How much shaft roll is acceptable?

    I was rolling some of my shafts on the table to see how straight they are (yep, I'm bored stuck at home). How much roll would you consider acceptable? My favorite cue (solid maple pro taper) is off about 1mm (a bit less than thickness of a dime) a foot from the tip. I think that's pretty...
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    Old John Schmidt DVD

    I was cleaning out some drawers and found my old autographed copy of John Schmidt's 'Exactly How I Run 100s'. It's from 2008, John's miked up and runs 100+ as he talks through what he's thinking as he does it. Brings back some good memories. I'm not knowledgeable enough to tell if his style...
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    Becue at Derby?

    I've bypassed my usual week at the Derby being bummed that the Straight Pool Challenge was cancelled - really enjoyed that event. I've been thinking a lot about getting a LD carbon fiber cue and still have a chance to drive down for a couple days. Is there a Becue vendor there? From what I've...
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    Your percent for this drill?

    Here's a drill I do a lot. Line up all 15 balls in a line between the side pockets. Set up a straight-in shot from the second diamond (like shown on the diagram) and shoot into the corner with a stop shot/slight draw. Repeat (ball in hand, straight-in) for all balls, 7 into one corner, 8 into...
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    Mosconi cup payouts?

    What did the winners and losers earn? Think Matchroom made a decent profit from putting this on?
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    Fixing old GC rail counters

    I'm making some score counter boxes for a friend who owns a pool room. He gave me two dozen old model Gold Crown 1 (?) rail counters to use in the boxes. The rail counters were salvaged from his tables when he had the rails replaced (J. Chambers rails - super nice). His new rails don't have...
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    Inspecting the rack

    Was watching a few of the recent Predator World 10-Ball matches on YouTube. Refs were racking with a template and the players weren't supposed to inspect the rack afterwards. Anybody know the penalty if they happen to inspect it?
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    Clean Gleem, a new kind of ball cleaning machine

    I've got a Kickstarter campaign going for Clean Gleem, a new kind of ball cleaning machine. Please take a look and consider pledging, you can get one of the first machines at a big $aving. Here's a link or just go to and search for Clean Gleem...
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    Carbon fiber shaft colors

    Is black the only color carbon fiber shafts come in? The reason I'm asking is that I'm in the market for a new playing cue and was trying out a Revo. The black shaft/no ferrule made aiming very tough and though it otherwise felt good I'm not sure if adjusting (if I ever do) to a black shaft...