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    Olhausen - replace cushions to help with rattle?

    I'm likely moving and getting new cloth for an Olhausen table. I'm curious it going with a different cushion (artimis?) would reduce pocket rattle. Is it worth it? I'm still kicking around getting a Connelly new, but if the Olhausen comes with me it will be in place for 10+ years. I'd also...
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    Moving - keep current or go new?

    I'm moving and the buyers of our new home don't have any interest in keeping our current table. It's a 9' Olhausen, probably from the 90s, and one of their cheaper models (veneer in spots, etc). It's been a good table, but should probably be re-felted as long as (if) it's being moved. I was...
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    losing space in a move - smaller table? bumper pool?

    I have a 9' table in my current home. I love it, but it doesn't get as much use as it once did - mostly just my solo practice games. I will have limited space after we move in about a month. I'm considering a few options, one may be an 8' table. Another idea was to pickup a bumper pool table...
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    Does anyone play '99'?

    We used to play this game in my college league. I stumbled onto it a couple of years before that. I thought it was a great way to gauge your progress, and made it very easy to handicap. I've been playing 14.1 almost exclusively, but played a game of 99 last night on a whim. Does anyone...
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    Types of Taper?

    I'm confused by some of the names of tapers (I did search, but wasn't really able to find anything satisfactory). I just got a schon cue with a 12mm tip. It has a pretty constant taper, which is a little disappointing to me. My favorite shaft is a stock 12.25mm McDermott off of an...
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    Cue for my daughter = jump/break for me?

    I've got a few cues that I'd consider to be pretty high quality. I've been battling about getting either: 1) A new I-Shaft, Predator, or OB shaft for one of my existing cues 2) Buying another playing cue 3) Buying a Jump Cue 4) Buying a Break Cue 5) Buying a J/B Cue I'm primarily a...
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    The Brass Ring - Madison, WI I didn't see any mention of this room, so I thought I'd toss in what little info I have. It's been a while since I've been there. A new kid and a home table keep me playing at my house. They have 8 well maintained 9' tables, and it's got some great food...
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    Ball in hand?

    I love playing ball in hand (anywhere) on games like 8-ball. I'd like to play by the official 14.1 rules, but this is the one thing I'd change.... does anyone else play ball in hand anywhere for penalties?
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    My friends don't seem to share my 14.1 love..

    I love this game, it's really the only game I focus on anymore. I'm still not good, but I had a couple years without daily access to a table, so I'm trying to get back in a groove, then improve from there. Anyway, when friends come over (most of which don't share my passion for pool), I try to...
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    Outline the rack?

    Have you outlined your rack on your home table? I've thought about doing this, especially now that I have a delta 13 I'll be using forever. I've heard of people outlining with tailor's chalk (I think), are there any other methods people like?
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    Things that will get your thumbs broken

    I like to joke with my wife that her antics, like taking the chalk away from the table, would get her thumbs broken anywhere but in our basement. Last night I was playing and tapped the ball with my practice swing, and then took a quick stroke to make the shot... :o My wife assured me that...
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    Rule Clarification

    I'm a little unclear on when a ball gets pulled and spotted. For instance, on a normally fouled shot (not hitting the rail, for instance) you would simply be deducted the point, and the opponent would shoot from where the ball currently lays. No ball would be pulled, correct? Now, on a...
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    Seeking Some Advice..

    I guess after the recent thread about lack of activity in the 14.1 section, my inhibitions have been curbed. I'll post some of the things I've been struggling with, hopefully it helps others in the process. This is a 3-parter..but first, a bit of background.. (for those of you not interested...
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    Is a Break Cue Necessary?

    I've been debating this for a while. I do most of my playing at my home. I use my McDermott Portico as my playing cue, but also have a McD Bat and Spectrum. The Spectrum gets little to no use. I was hoping of selling that cue and possibly purchasing a break cue with the funds - but for the...
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    New tip on current shaft, or premium shaft?

    I have a McDermott Portico. I've never replaced the tip. It's not in bad shape, but hits a little harder than I would like. Should I bother replacing the tip, or is it worth it to upgrade to a new I2 or Z shaft? What type of tip is recommended? I've been getting into straight pool, so I'm...
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    FS/FT McDermott - Spectrum - M12P $240

    FS/FT McDermott - Spectrum - M1-2P I already have two other McDermott cues, while I love them, I'd like to try a Joss. I prefer cash - I will likely use it to pay for lessons. Otherwise, I'd also be interested in a trade for a Joss (but can't afford to kick in too much cash) or an I2 or...