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    What is a hustler style case?

    I can't seem to figure out what styling makes a case a "hustler style" case? Any insights? Thanks.
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    Does this cue have a weight bolt installed?

    If so, what tool would I need to remove it? Thanks!
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    Becue Naked Break v. Becue Naked?

    What's the difference? The Break is 18 oz, but other than that?
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    A message from Jeanette Lee

    On the azbilliards home page: If you haven't donated yet, and you've been putting it off, do it!
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    Best cheap scale?

    Can someone recommend a reliable scale under $30?
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    Getting inlays added to a cue?

    Can a cue maker add inlays to a cue fairly easily? For instance, suppose I have a wrapless cue, and I want to get four notched diamonds around the handle. What would it cost?
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    Balabushka Cue Company reviews?

    Can anyone tell me about the cues listed here: For example, the GB-22? It looks to have razor sharp points, mother of pearl inlays, and a signature that's not terribly ugly--for $810 at a couple of online billiards companies. Does it fall apart after ten...
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    Jeanette Lee "For Sale" Fundraiser

    How about for the next month, all buyers and sellers pledge $25 each to Jeanette Lee's GoFundMe account? What would give you more satisfaction: holding a new cue in your hands or helping a kid go to college? Well, you don't have to pick one; you can do both. It would be really touching to see...
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    Predator True Splice 16 LE specs

    Hi, Can anyone tell me what the diameter of the butt is at the end of the butt? Also, what is the balance point measured from the butt end and the weight of the cue with that balance point? Thanks!
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    What is an OB Rez Shaft

    The description says: What does stabilizing with resin do for a shaft? I notice that the usual declaration: is missing as well as a lifetime guarantee against warpage.
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    Chris Nitti cues

    I like Nitti cues, but I wish I could examine the points on his cues up close. It seems that all the cue sellers post pictures that are a little too far away, and they tend to be slightly blurry. Can anyone post a high definition close up of the veneers on a Chris Nitti cue where they come to...
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    Construction of sharp points

    I read a cue review on azbilliards, and the person described how the points on his cue were constructed. Only one side of a veneer actually reached the point. The other veneer was sliced off below the point. You can see that method of construction in the following image: The innermost...
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    Eddie Cohen: ebony John Davis full splice

    Does anyone know who has this cue:
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    3/8 x 10 pin and cue sellers

    Sometimes I see pictures of cues for sale, which seem to have a 3/8 x 10 modified pin, yet they are advertised as a 3/8 x 10 pin. Why is that? Are the cue sellers ignorant? Here is a picture that shows the difference between the two pins:
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    Cue maker signatures

    Are there any cue makers whose signatures/logos really turn you off? I have a few I dislike. For production cues, it's Predator: If Predator would make some of their cues without the logo, I think they would look better. Without the logo, the cue could still be identified as a Predator...
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    Dr. Dave: English

    In his video "Top 10 Pool Shots Every Player Must Know!!!", Dr. Dave lists the #2 shot as knowing how to use English. In the video, Dr. Dave gives examples of each of the following types of shots: 1. right English (1:30) 2. left English (11:00) 3. running English (8:30) 4. reverse English...
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    30 degree rule subtleties

    I've watched Rollie's video with Dr. Dave a few times, and every time I watch it there a a few niggling details which leave me wondering about some things. I just discovered Dr. Dave's paper titled Peace Sign Subtleties, which cleared up those issues for me. I thought I would make this post...
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    OB cues 4" shaft extension

    Does anyone have one for sale (3/8 x 10 modified)?
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    SBE2015 Shaw vs Woodward $100/game $1,000/side

    Can anyone tell me what cue Sky Woodward is using in this video? Thanks!
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    Eddie Cohen -- Buckeye Art Deco cue