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    Shaft Joint Change

    Is it possible/ok to just re tap a shaft with a Radial joint with a 3/8-10 tap? Or must you plug it and start afresh? Thanks
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    Kelly Fisher World 9Ball Champion

    Well done Kelly!
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    Womens World 9Ball

    Everything here seems to be far better than the Mens version for the venue, streaming, etc
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    Atlantic Challenge cup (Junior Mosconi Cup)

    Atlantic Challenge cup (Junior Mosconi Cup) has started today.
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    European Mosconi Team

    Any thoughts on who should join Filler, Kaci & Kazakis? IMO as all three will only be making their second appearances, I think one of the wildcards should go to a player with more MC experience but still high in the rankings. Possibly Feijen or Souquet. As for the second wildcard, that's tough...
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    Polishing out scatches

    I have some light scratches in my cue butt. I'd light to try to polish some of them out. What's the best method or grade of paper i should use? Thanks
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    Spongy leather wrap

    I currently use a Lucasi LHT88 butt on my playing cue. It's the the one with the rubber/sports grip handle. The handle is very slightly spongy/cushiony/compressible. Which I like. It is possible to have a custom cue made with a stack leather or normal leather wrap that replicates this slight...
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    Changing inlays

    Is it possible for a cue maker to swap out some inlays in a production cue? I appreciate the cue butt would need to be re finished afterwards. Thanks