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    1993 Schon Ltd/Bill Stroud

    Not sure if it is the same one but one just like it was on Ebay a couple of weeks ago. You could look at finished items and take a look.
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    My Palmer Collection!!

    They are all very nice but I am a sucker for MOP so the 17 is my favorite of this group.
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    circa 1980 Palmer Custom

    It looks to be in rough shape for only being played with for 2 years and then stored. It is rare for sure special order but I am not sure I even really like it that much.
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    Old cue..."Vintage", "original", "as new"..."pristine"...what do you think?

    I think the cue should be advertised as to what it really is. If it is original then that means no restoration. If it has been restored just say so. some people do not care, some do. If it is a production cue that has been restored no big deal to many. However for a highly collectible cue it...
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    I Know What This Cue Is - Do You?

    I would guess Bushka also, but a Palmer can have micarta ferrules as my J has micarta on both shafts, original.
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    McDermott C-19 Extremely Rare - NEW!

    Nice cue but they made way way more than 12 of them. C series play great.
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    Unintended Wrist Movement (Twist - Bend - Flex)

    I used to have this same problem. I used a bowling wrist support band/glove while practicing and it worked wonders.
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    Chess Anyone?

    I have a Chess Set that I bought for a friend in 1985 with the same custom logo. I also have a custom birdseye that I bought at the same Golden West in Tacoma a year after that has the Custom Shop Sept. 1986 on butt cap so I think they are close time wise.
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    McKernan Case

    Nice case. They show up here on the Washington coast often. They were made in Seattle. Well made and classy. I have a couple in my collection. Good find.
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    Selling Cues on Ebay

    Phinmole still sells cues all the time on Facebook billiard items for sale page.
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    "It's George" Bushka style

    Very nice. They are my favorite cues.
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    How many cues do you carry around?

    Up and down over the years but right now it is a 1x2 Fellini black leather with my Schon R-10 with 2 shafts. Micarta ferrules of course.
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    Older Joss info request

    Looks like a J-24. They came with many different veneer colors. Cuesblues sounds right on but it could fetch at bit more with the 2 matching shafts. Could be as early as 86 also. You could also buy the Custom series as early as 86. I have one still in the plastic bag with the date. Nice cue.
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    The Hustlers Second Season

    Best show ever! I cannot believe they have not received awards for the acting and pool playing. They should sign a 20 year contract. Good God folks get a life.
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    Playability of Macassar Ebony vs Gaboon ebony for playing cues.

    I also love ebony cues. I have played with both and cannot tell a difference in hit. As far as longevity. I play with a jet black with jet black points R-10 non cored. It has maybe a couple hundred thousand games on it and looks like new so no worries about cracking with use or age as it is...
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    Jim Ingram Oak Titlist

    I watched it too. Almost bought it. Glad you got it and like it. It has a cool old school look like I like.
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    What would you have done differently?

    Practice and learn with people who are better than you. You need to lose thousands of games before you start winning. I agree with shoot millions of balls also. Practice, practice, practice.
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    What It's George cue is this?

    I have the same cue only with leather wrap and matching case. The white stuff is real. Very nice cue congrats. I do not know the model number but it is a catalog cue as I have seen a few others with different veneers.
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    Bridged pointed Bushka design #1 of one Rauenzahn

    Very nice, I like the bridge work but just love the butt sleeve. Very classy.
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    Pros and cons of refurbishing my McDermott C-21

    Agreed, Blue Book prices are for dreamers if selling. I sold 1 of my 2 C-21 cues for 750.00 in near mint condition and the buyer thought he got the deal of the century because of the Blue Book he has. Reality is he got a fair deal. I am keeping the other one. For your cue I would send it to...