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  1. DogsPlayingPool

    Mark Griffin called today

    What's the name for your new hall?
  2. DogsPlayingPool

    Mark Griffin called today

    Mark, first let me wish you the best with this new project. :thumbup: I'm curious to know about the plans for spectator seating, particularly around the 9' tables. I'm just thinking this could make a great venue for getting some quality pro events staged without the expense associated with...
  3. DogsPlayingPool

    Safety after the break 8 ball BCA rules & groups

    Consider another possibility in that first shot situation where you called safety and made the stripe: It is entirely possible that though it was obvious you were trying to make that stripe, your strategy may have actually been to take solids and entice your opponent to take stripes, since one...
  4. DogsPlayingPool

    to hell with call shots...anyone else gone back to "slop" and loving it?

    Well, straight pool is by nature a call shot game with a safety opening break, and there is little controversy that 9 Ball and One Hole are not, so for the most part we are down to talking about 8 Ball and maybe 10 Ball. While I can certainly see the case for slop 8 Ball, at least on a coin op...
  5. DogsPlayingPool

    to hell with call shots...anyone else gone back to "slop" and loving it?

    Hmm, slop straight pool. I'll have to think about that and get back to you.
  6. DogsPlayingPool

    Sex on a Billiards Table

    Sex on a billiard table is way better than on a pool table. More room to maneuver and less chance of a getting hung up in something.
  7. DogsPlayingPool

    Do you want to make a living playing pool?

    There's only one sure way I know of to become a millionaire playing pool...start with $3 million and work your way down.
  8. DogsPlayingPool

    Diamond pool table

    Ya might want to disclose your location. With cues not too important, but with tables a little bit more so. Also, if the table is for sale or trade a selling price would be helpful. ;) Good luck.:thumbup:
  9. DogsPlayingPool

    Premium Quality Cue Extensions

    Are we a couple? Gee, buy a guy dinner first! :p :grin-square:
  10. DogsPlayingPool

    Poll for Gambling Question

    I think your confusion is that it is a side bet, i.e. rail action on a match. The set isn't over because Player A isn't getting a game from Player B, the way I understand Joey's scenario anyway. The set could indeed end 9-8 player B winning. That said, the bet is settled as soon as player A...
  11. DogsPlayingPool

    Have any road players actually been outed on AZB?

    Dippy Dave was outed here. But in his case it didn't knock his action. Instead people were lining up to make a game. Trigger, where have you been? Great to see you! ;)
  12. DogsPlayingPool

    Dale Perry eBay??

    Yeah, you would be in a better position than me to tell if there is much difference in the actual construction or craftsmanship of his more expensive cues. I was just making the point that generally while people will spend $10K+ with a guy whose low end is $2K, they won't pay $2K+ on a cue from...
  13. DogsPlayingPool

    Dale Perry eBay??

    As I understand it the Berlitz version is this: His cues used to go for more and he decided to start selling on Ebay. The prices tanked and those that had previously paid a lot more were screwed. It seems he screwed himself as well, at least as far as price goes. Whether he has increased the...
  14. DogsPlayingPool

    Premium Quality Cue Extensions

    I fear you misunderstood me, GG. I was agreeing with you. Completely. 100%. :thumbup: I probably should have followed it up with green just to emphasize that. Coming your way now though you're probably maxxed out anyway. Better late than never I suppose. ;)
  15. DogsPlayingPool

    Table Exposure

    Didn't work out so well. It rained and the table shrunk.
  16. DogsPlayingPool

    Tight Pockets

    I agree with the first part for sure. It's the same for both players. But in straight pool I'm not sure the second part is true. From my position, bigger pockets is not about allowing the sloppier shot maker an advantage. It's about being able to cheat the pocket when needed to play position...
  17. DogsPlayingPool

    (FAQ) Got any pool jokes?

    I could post a video of me playing. That's pretty funny.
  18. DogsPlayingPool

    Tight Pockets

    The problem is in straight pool, where you would often like to not have to shoot at the center of the pocket. And it's not about the stroke since frequently you aren't even going to a rail. When working in tight quarters at the foot end often times manipulating the cut angle is the only way to...
  19. DogsPlayingPool

    Show your Gold Crown IV!

    I'm so jealous of you guys with basements, lol! Out here in Southern California it usually takes a 3.5K+ sq. ft. house to have a chance of a room big enough for a GC, and my house didn't have a room large enough when I bought the table. So for now my table is in the garage. But the weather is...