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  1. Sunchaser

    Sold Perry Weston

    Offering for sale my Perry Weston custom cue. I live in the Knoxville area, and prefer not to ship cue as all inlays in buttsleeve and points are real pre ban good stuff. Cue is straight together and apart. 1 shaft around 12.9mm. Irish linen white with black specks. Titanium uni loc pun with...
  2. Sunchaser

    It's "Caption This" time again.

  3. Sunchaser

    Ira, your cue is done!

  4. Sunchaser

    Downey DCC 10 with Both Shafts & Thread Protectors

    Seems like a smokin deal on a nice cue. The escrow wouldnt bother me nearly as much as the fact they'd put that orange felt on the table. Now thats sketchy...
  5. Sunchaser

    Cocobolo/ebony twist

    This hurts my brain. Too cool sir.
  6. Sunchaser

    2022 monster Josey

    I feel like i should be puttin on my Sunday clothes to look at this one. Shes pretty.
  7. Sunchaser

    How I spent my Christmas vacation

    Youve turned the corner into undeniably exquisite work. Perfected the bridges and mastered the wood selection. You should be proud of how far youve come. Spectacular. Thanks for sharing this. Matt D.
  8. Sunchaser

    Joss ID

    Yep i agree 95 or 96 they didnt use that logo very long. Still a good metal joint hitter they pretty much all were for the money.
  9. Sunchaser

    re : Jerry -R-

    I like Jerrys cues. Always have. I bet hes a dog person. I like that.
  10. Sunchaser


    "When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever is left, no matter how improbable, must be the truth." ...and Im still convinced, and wont be surprised to learn, that a womans hand or will is somehow involved. Good luck.
  11. Sunchaser

    Pickin my banjo stompin my foot

    Pickin my banjo stompin my foot
  12. Sunchaser


    Im still goin with scorned woman for 100 please.
  13. Sunchaser


    Usually has to do with a woman. Wife, daughter, girlfriend, favorite waitress/bartender...
  14. Sunchaser

    Pool Knowledge: What's the last thing you learned?

    I learned that everytime i put two racks together the third one is easy to screw up. I start thinking about it being a 3 pack situation instead of focusing on the ball at hand, and 3 balls ahead. Screws me up almost every time. I suck though.
  15. Sunchaser

    Sold Pery Weston Cue for sale 6 sharp points SPF

    Very nice cue. This is an earlier cue from Perry. GLWS. I thought that was too cheap...
  16. Sunchaser

    Why are you up at 5am?

    Early to bed early to rise. Good morning from another dog owner.
  17. Sunchaser

    Why are pool balls round?

    Waiting for Justins' answer...
  18. Sunchaser

    Why do valley tables still use lead acid batteries?

    Justin Justin Justin its like driving by a car wreck....
  19. Sunchaser

    Best template rack?

    Another vote for Outsville rack. I have no problems with it and use one weekly. It does make the break very theres that...
  20. Sunchaser

    Players with earbuds or earplugs?

    I recently started wearing them because I prefer some 90s grunge to any other music. Look Im almost 51 now and you dont get Mad Season, Pearl Jam, Sound Garden, Alice in Chains, Mother Love Bone, etc on the Jukebox with a room full of 20 somethings.