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  1. BuddyWing

    Texas Open 9 Ball ????

    When will this be over ? Tonight ?
  2. BuddyWing

    Mosconi Cup questions

    Yes your kids can go .
  3. BuddyWing

    2000 14.1 championship

    Could you talk more about the wristband ? Thank You
  4. BuddyWing

    Left eye dominant but right handed

    Sheldon is correct.... I am blind in my right eye and I play right handed and this is the trick I use .
  5. BuddyWing

    KISS-BACK SHOTS … Everything You Need to Know

    Thanks Dr. Dave
  6. BuddyWing

    Spanish Open, June 2023, from Matchroom

    Where is Labutis from .
  7. BuddyWing

    Anyone Have Success Using a Wrist Brace?

    I did this and it worked very well for me . I had a death grip on the cue and I was trying to guide the cue ball with the cue ...Give it a try and see if it works for you . Good Luck See post #6
  8. BuddyWing

    World 10-ball

    Is this being streamed ?
  9. BuddyWing

    Brackets for CSI 2023

    Hi Garczar I sorry I used the wrong terms for you . We keep useing the BCA for the BCAPL My bad I know Csi owns the BCa pool league I was looking for the Brackets for the tournament . What you gave me was no help , but I thank you anyways . Have a good day
  10. BuddyWing

    Brackets for CSI 2023

    The BCAPL tournament in Las Vegas Feb 22 2023 I'm sorry . I thought people knew about the CSI event ...
  11. BuddyWing

    Brackets for CSI 2023

    When do they put up the Brackets for the BCA Tour on Feb 22,2023 ?
  12. BuddyWing

    Brackets for CSI 2023

    When do they put up the Brackets for the BCA Tour on Feb 22,2023 ? Sorry for the 2 posts .
  13. BuddyWing

    PNS Gloves

    Thanks for the help ....
  14. BuddyWing

    PNS Gloves

    I got a couple of these gloves about 3 or 4 years ago and they have finally given up . I need to get an e-mail or phone number to call to get new ones . they are the best gloves I have ever used . Thanks for the help
  15. BuddyWing

    Filler back to the carbon shaft

    He didn't look comfortable with it playing Alex .
  16. BuddyWing

    2023 World Pool Championship, Kielce, Poland

    Thank You for the line up .
  17. BuddyWing

    DCC Results

    Shane took down Roberto 11 to 3 . Great match for Shane .
  18. BuddyWing

    Turning Stone Classic XXXVI

    Thanks Skip ....
  19. BuddyWing

    Turning Stone Classic XXXVI

    Can someone post a link for the stream ? I can't find it on facebook . Thank You .
  20. BuddyWing

    Sigel vs. Jarvis...1987 Pheasant Run

    They said ,early on , that the table was heated . Sorry Rodney , I posted at the same time .