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  1. joeboxer

    If you could have a plain jane player from any maker...?

    Paul Dayton all day long for me.
  2. joeboxer

    Purpleheart shaft.

    Looking for 3/8×10. Pm what you got.
  3. joeboxer

    Paul Dayton shaft

    Looking for a Dayton shaft. Pm me what you have. Close to 13mm. 3/8×10. Also looking for a purple heart shaft. 3/8×10.
  4. joeboxer

    5/16 x 14 Butt........

    Looking for a light weight 5/16×14 shaft. I have a LD shaft i wanna use with it. Brand doesn't matter, as long as its straight n light weight. PM me what you have. My shaft fits perfectly on a schon butt, so that diameter would be perfect. Don't want an expensive one though. Gonna use it as a...
  5. joeboxer

    Joe Callaluca Fans

    I love Joe's work. I havent had the pleasure of owning one yet, but it's at the top of my short list for the future. Great looking cue you have there.
  6. joeboxer

    Stuck / Tight Weight bolt

    Put whatever tool youre using into a vise and hold the butt with 2 hands over the tool and turn. Worked for me. I used a large washer that fit perfectly into the bolt slot. But if you have a large screwdriver it should work too. Good luck
  7. joeboxer

    Dennis Swift envelope style cue case

    Wow, that one looks great. I didnt like the regular style he made with the rivets in the side, had one and hated it, but i could get used to this one. And i agree, i like the added shaft "socks". Congrats.
  8. joeboxer

    What is the best playing cue you own?

    Gotta say its my Zac. No matter what else i try, i always seem to go back to my Zac.
  9. joeboxer

    Jim Lee Cue Review

    Some people dont realize just how important customer service is. Nice to hear about Jims great customer service. Another great looking cue you have there.
  10. joeboxer

    BHQ Cue Review

    Great looking cue. I've never seen anything bad come out of Brents shop. He does excellent work. Congrats.....
  11. joeboxer

    Brand New Joe Baker Olive Wood and Cocobolo Cue

    Nice cues you have up for raffle Joe. But i dont think your raffles gonna work with 56 numbers. The results are listed in sequence from lowest to highest. So that means #'s 1-4 will not have a chance. Only 5-56 have a chance of landing in the 5th spot. Thats why every one that using the...
  12. joeboxer

    Question on Super-Pro tips.

    Its the only tip i use these days. But IMO Meullers got this one wrong on their scale. Its more in the 90's range to me. They only come in one hardness. Its a very nice "hard" tip.
  13. joeboxer

    Is there a better way?

    For me its always been, if the cue feels like its an extension of your arm, then its the cue for me. I can change the hit by changing the ferrule, or the tip. But if it doesnt feel right in your hands, its worthless. IMO
  14. joeboxer

    Mizerak graphite cue

    If you like it, and it works for you, then use it. Nothing wrong with that.
  15. joeboxer

    Do/Can you jump with your playing cue?

    Same here...........but i do love pie!!!!!!!!!
  16. joeboxer

    Do/Can you jump with your playing cue?

  17. joeboxer

    How does a cue play?

    Youre never gonna hear those 2 statements in the same thread if its a for sale thread. "The cue plays bad/terrible", and "Its for sale". Thats just how it is.
  18. joeboxer

    Custom Cue

    There is also a couple of cuemakers here that dont post up there cues for sale. Try KJ Cues, he has some very nice looking plain jane cues in stock at great prices. Send him a pm and ask him for some pics and prices.
  19. joeboxer

    Pic's from Gate City's "Challenge Earl Strickland" in Greensboro

    LOL..........I always wondered why Earl looked Possessed everytime he got irritated...........thanks for the clarification..............
  20. joeboxer

    Pic's from Gate City's "Challenge Earl Strickland" in Greensboro

    Great pics............thanks for sharing.