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  1. LoReNz

    WTT Barry Cameron Wrapless

    thats a great deal for a cameron with two shafts. ivory ferrules on the shaft?
  2. LoReNz

    WTT Barry Cameron Wrapless

    i have pretty much the exact same cue except mine doesnt have those rings. ive been playing with a cameron for awhile and it definitley is a good hiting cue. GLWS
  3. LoReNz

    FS: J.pechauer

    im selling this for a friend. its a custom pechauer with one shaft. rings and linen wrap ebony forearm and buty with cocobolo points and inlayed windows on the butt. 850shipped obo thanks for looking.
  4. LoReNz

    Ride The 9.....$1,000.00 Tourney

    i will be there.
  5. LoReNz

    *Wrapless Andy Gilbert 2010 F/S*

    pm sent....
  6. LoReNz

    Bo's Billiards, Warwick, RI $700 First Place

    ill be playing. hopefully there will be a full field
  7. LoReNz

    WTS Predator Z2 3x8/10 30"

    any dings or dents?
  8. LoReNz

    Sept 30th-Oct 3rd, 2010 Viking Cue-Olhausen Billiards Tour in New York = $5,000 GUARA

    im from CT. im thinkion about going to this event but not sure yet. i got no place to stay.
  9. LoReNz

    Snookers Providence RI - 9-Ball - $5000.00 Guaranteed First Place

    i think 20bucks for a 5k shot is worth it. plus, i think the singke elimination makes you play harder. thats just my opinion. c u guys on saturday.
  10. LoReNz

    Snookers Providence RI - 9-Ball - $5000.00 Guaranteed First Place

    ill give it a shot too. pm sent boradriver-when r u going?
  11. LoReNz

    *^*^2010 Carmeli Wrapless 5A Birdseye into Cocobolo Cue--Fullsplice^*^*

    very nice! i like this cue except for the price
  12. LoReNz

    Predator "Quiet Roller" for sale & extra radial 314 shaft

    i wish the shaft was 30inch and maybe we could work something out. but goodluck with the sale
  13. LoReNz

    Bustamante wins WPC!

    great job django! this could be the start of winning those major titles out there!
  14. LoReNz

    FS Milk Dud Tips

    ill take 5. pm me your email ad for paypal. tnx
  15. LoReNz

    Need to sell really bad Predator P3

    ?how much are you looking to get for it?
  16. LoReNz

    3 benders * ginacue * manzino * josswest * priced to fly*

    DAMN!!!!!! u dont mess around with our collection huh? very nice!
  17. LoReNz

    FS: 60.0" Andy Gilbert Ivory Joint Ebony Handle

    what is the joing on the playing cue?
  18. LoReNz

    Predator 314-2 3/8x10 Shaft $5 a spot!

    ill take 18 and 28. pls send me ur email
  19. LoReNz

    Matching Break and Ivory Handle Carmeli

    i want that ivory handled one! its beautiful
  20. LoReNz

    Chris Byrne SBE Cues Teaser/Preview

    i saaw some of these at SBE. his butterfly points look amazing!