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    One pockets hurts other games , so I'm told

    Aside from safety play, One Pocket pushes you to make tough shots and control the outcome. It teaches to cover more bases pre-shot, causing one to be more confident with tough shots in tough rotation situations.
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    Does anyone know anything about this case?

    Looks like my original Gandy cue...
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    RARE Adam Jump Cue

    The shaft is made of Ash. Common for shaft wood.
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    >>>$>>>® Les Blevins ®<<<$<<<

    macasser ebony or black and white ebony.
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    Radial pin cue

    He has one. Thanks anyways. No DPs please.
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    Radial pin cue

    Hello. I'm am posting for a friend looking for a radial pin cue the costs no more then $300. Please PM or post here. Thanks.
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    Sweet old cue.

    Well it's a piece of history and if a collector became interested I would like to know what's fair. It was gifted to me and it's plays outstanding. So I guess curiosity..
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    Bank shots...

    I don't believe you hit where you aimed and the original aim line you measured was to acute of an angle. And also I believe you think some system will automatically cause to to make banks/ kicks. What John is saying I believe is that it won't snap in like you think. One must practice a ton to...
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    Sweet old cue. So I was thinking old Adams cue and posted it today to confirm, and it is. Still unsure of age and originality but I'm pretty sure this is how it came. Tell me what you think and maybe a value... Some type of rosewood...
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    Please help I.D. this old timer....

    Can anyone touch on the value? I'm pretty sure that this is totally original. Maybe also the type of wood. Years of production. Thanks so much guys.
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    Please help I.D. this old timer....

    OK. Thanks guys.
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    Please help I.D. this old timer....

    More pics...................
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    Please help I.D. this old timer....

    Hello. What I believe I have is an Adams cue from around or before the first catalog. Not sure about that so I figured I could ask you guys. Has a sharp brass pin and brass joint. Please help with any info....
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    Tiger leather cutting blade

    A suggestion.. I am no cue maker but I'm an enthusiast, and read as much as possible. I am also a custom knife and steel enthusiast. That brings me to suggest an older style hard steal Japanese carpentry/ plaining type knife. ( forgive if incorrect please). If you buy a high quality one all you...
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    Cuemaker wont ship my cue

    Funny how this fool made it through so long without getting caught. Had a similar experience as the O.P. with Klapp and I ended up trading for a Gracio. Either way I was screwed and I realized there's a world of cue trading that happens with the bad business having people and it should be named...
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    90s Its George 1x2

    Hello... i have an Its George 1x2 black lizard print case in about 80-85% or slightly more, $135+shippingPRICE DROP 125+shipping conus only... Ill do 2 day priority. shipping only in the U.S. It hs the key [/ATTACH]
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    cuemakers round table video

    I was hoping I was not the only one... Eric had the look in his face I had the whole time...
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    cuemakers round table video

    Or the Mcworter/wayne duo... Ill throw and opinion out... All I heard was "if someone is giving me 5 grand"... Hardly any talk of playability.. just has to suite the superficial snob in all of us... Why is playability mention as a given thing and thrown aside like a cheap.... just saying. I...
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    cuemakers round table video

    Hello... Has there been a thread made about this video? If not, 1, As consumers how do you feel about the video overall? And please go into detail... 2, As cumakers( preferably ones who were not in the video and hopefully ones that didnt speak in the...
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    Dave Barenbrugge Deluxe Merry Widow--Mystery Hardwood!

    Mopane maybe... similar in fnished color and grain...