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  1. SoniDJ

    Mike Bender and Pre-Date Southwest cue testing and review

    Show off! I liked the video: those are sweet cues.
  2. SoniDJ

    Sneaky Pete Sex Machine?

    FAS there, but I agree 100%. I wonder who would keep from their wife. :)
  3. SoniDJ

    Skinny European taper shaft vs standard size taper shaft

    Getting a quality straight shaft is always important but tapers become (or are) more of a preference to the individual. Everyone is looking for the magic shaft but no two shafts will ever play the same because of wood characteristics, even if they have the same specs. I can put some supposedly...
  4. SoniDJ


    Will barter sign building services for interested business owners. Channel letters, box signs etc. PM for discussions.
  5. SoniDJ

    Jacoby Hybrid Edge or Predator Z shaft?

    Edge all the way! why?....I know where they are made. What's wrong with a quality maple shaft? Learning a low deflection stroke is much more efficient!
  6. SoniDJ

    who makes the best playing cue???

    2 pts difference! Cue playabilty is a mental phenomenon for the most part. Too many shaft, tip and playing style variables. I've figured out what I like visually, shaft size and tip, and from there I adjust. Good point you made.
  7. SoniDJ

    Jacoby review

    Jacoby makes a very fine cue!
  8. SoniDJ

    Jacoby 5 Point Cue Butt

    What type of joint?
  9. SoniDJ

    59" davis-prince sneaky for sale

    I have a Davis built a few years ago, I'm sure he got prince to build it. John signed it in the end under the bumper. Incredible cue, if I had $ I would scoop it up.
  10. SoniDJ

    FS~ 4pt "Feather Cue" by JD Cues

    Nice ass cue!
  11. SoniDJ

    New Pool Shirts

    Thought the post said pool skirt.
  12. SoniDJ

    >>>>blackcreek for trade for Andy Gilbert

    I might be interested, I have AG's J/B tulip wood. The shaft is 12.5mm and it is my main player.
  13. SoniDJ

    My custom Capone cue! :(

    This happened to a custom cue of mine, the butt split in two places (tulip wood). Lots of variables, I think Capone will take care of it. It is dis-heartenning but happens.
  14. SoniDJ

    WTB a b/j or a break cue

    I just bought one of the new players J/B and it rocks, jumps awesome. around a 100 bucks. I have several top brands of J/Bs, none jump better and it breaks as good as all of them.
  15. SoniDJ

    Air Jump for sale

    The butt has dings from riding in the pouch, I don't have the sleeve. I will take the best offer.
  16. SoniDJ

    Air Jump for sale

    SOLD! Good condition and mostly a case rider. I don't use it enough to justify keeping it in my case anymore. I will only sell to people with good rep points. 170.00 OBO If no deal in a few days, I'll post it on the bay.
  17. SoniDJ

    Pedator Air

    I'm up in the air about selling it outright but for a mace I would part with it. I like Rick's cues and have a couple of shaft that will match up to his j/b.
  18. SoniDJ

    Pedator Air

    I have an air jump that I will trade for a Mace j/b, if inerested we can discuss any difference in the trade.
  19. SoniDJ

    Patsy Cline - Crazy

    I am a pretty solid player, I use the bottom of the ball where it touches the table as my center point reference and the edges. When you look down table at the object ball look at the contact point to the table. This is good particularly for long straight shots.
  20. SoniDJ

    Awesome New Pool Cue Holder Project

    Nice idea! I made something that serves the same function, just for myself. Nice product I think you will sell plenty.