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    Sent. I will use and share.
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    On the table -- enough to make balls Off the table -- the science of it all gets more interesting. Mostly I just want to play better.
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    ***Let's see your Jeff Olney cues***

    Box veneers on the butt section in Buska colors -- wow.. I just can't even..:frown: wow -- like you said you wouldn't do for my cue and wouldn't ever do them. :nono: I'm done here. :barf:
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    Jeff Olney, What a stand up guy. NOT!!!!!!!!!!

    Exactly. Working with Jeff is great -- if you want what he's gonna build, on his time table and you get what you get -- or NO SOUP FOR YOU. Cue builder vs CUSTOM cue builder. If you don't want to take an order -- don't take an order -- say "No thank you", and move on. No harm at all. Don't...
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    Jeff Olney, What a stand up guy. NOT!!!!!!!!!!

    Sigh Since I have not recieved a reply to PM's and emails - I am trying to get an answer. JEFF, Are you going to make my cue(s) -- one intricate one, a break cue and a jump cue -- that I commissioned 6 years ago with you --- BEFORE Brian's cue?? If so - a confirmation would be great. If...
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    mike Dechaines cue

    Sounded like he just got it -- probably explains some of the feel and tip issues. Tough to break in new equipment under fire.
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    mike Dechaines cue

    I thought they said it was a Predator proto-type? or some proto-type of some kind. TAR said he was really tight lipped about it. Miscues really hurt him early too.
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    Teaching Pool

    depends more on sensitivity of lawyers. For the most part, as long as identifying information - name, address,etc is not aligned with pictures -- it's not as big a deal. I'm sure some lawyers can lend some expertise here -- or newspaper journalists.
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    Teaching Pool

    Congrats Looks like a fine group. Due to student interest, we are having a Pool Club at my high school. I guess 'luckily' it didn't take much convincing to find a faculty sponsor (ME). :rolleyes: FWIW
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    Scott frost has retired from professional pool

    Farming is a tougher nut to crack then pool - and the hours aren't near as good. :wink:
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    FS; Milk Dud Tips New Price

    Sent PM - ME
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    No wonder Sears & Roebuck went out of business...
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    Why Snooker Is Harder Than Pool - Demonstrated By Allison Fisher

    I believe the Youtube explanation says it was an exhibition match. Inbetween the serious stuff the World Champion would play an exhibition frame with a 'celebrity' (ie. people like Bobby Davro) and in this case, Allison Fisher. There are still some pockets of the country (mostly IN the...
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    highend Mottey Hoppe

    Great cue - nicer in person than in pics.
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    STIX 4 Person 8-Ball Team Tourney Des Moines, IA

    Stix Team Tourney - full field of 32 Teams -- 1st - My Couch Doesn't Pull Out but, I Do - Jon Brown, Kirk Glass, Ryan Carter 2nd - Gilbert Guys - Alan Schares, Curtis Schares, Scott Schares, Joel Hammergren 3rd - Sloppy and You Know it - Danny Roach, Dustin Roach, Josh Krueger, Jamie Tipps...
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    Iowa - Stix 4-Person Team 8-ball 2/15 & 2/16

    Getting close to full. Better Hurry.
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    OLNEY Southwest style

    Olney's are a very good cue. Nice looking cue.
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    Iowa - Stix 4-Person Team 8-ball 2/15 & 2/16

    STIX 4 PERSON 8-BALL TEAM TOURNEY FRI - 2/15 & SAT 2/16 Location ---- STIX POOL AND DARTS 515-274-0129 7211 Apple Valley DR Windsor Heights -Windsor Heights, Iowa LIMITED TO - 32 TEAMS 14 Tables - All Open $140.00 ENTRY FEE PER TEAM No Green fees Red Circle Cue Balls *** Open to All Players -...
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    Zach Marquardt VS Ryan Benke 9 ahead for $1000. 3:00PM 12/17 LIVE !!!

    Perfect Aim vs Lil Joe's shooting system... who's protege is better?
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    Build a champion in a month or 2. Is this possible?

    I can't greenie JoeyA until I "Spread it around" I just liked the "whose ox is getting gored" line.