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  1. Cue Guru

    My new Hercek

    Really sweet- traditional yet modern at the same time. I'm really looking forward to getting mine!
  2. Cue Guru

    Custom Pool Room

    Any updates?
  3. Cue Guru

    Wanted: Brunswick Anniversary rotating cue case / rack

    I was going to mention there was one floating on the bay...
  4. Cue Guru

    another room going down

    Sorry to hear it.
  5. Cue Guru

    Mitutoyo caliper

    You can reset the zero position on those with the (aparently missing) tool. It slides into the small slot on the top of the caliper, behind the dial. You open them until the needle is whee you want it, press the 'tool' into the slot (disengaging the pinion from the rack) and close them down...
  6. Cue Guru

    Reccomended glue for brass/steel joints.

    I use west system with the slow hardener. Let it sit a couple days after glue-up before final machining. If you can, grit blast the threads and bottom face on the joint collar for the best bond. Sand paper, as mentioned above, is a good second. Always wash thoroughly with Acetone right before...
  7. Cue Guru

    Break With Playing Cue?

    I stopped carrying the break cue as well. I have a nice Whitten 1X2 case with no strap, handle or pocket and it's just right for me. I play mostly straight pool, but my cue is a fine breaker. I use Triangle tips. Nothing fancy.
  8. Cue Guru

    Custom Pool Room

    It's looking great!:thumbup:
  9. Cue Guru

    Counterfit Aramyth Tournament Balls

    175 gram range to 4 decimal places? That's a hell-of-a nice balance you have there...:thumbup:
  10. Cue Guru

    Ferrule Hardness: The results are in! (and interesting!)

    OK Shore scale. I was wondering if it might be one of the Rockwell scales. Even altering the material, the shape has an influence as well. Even sticking with Ivory (which varies like wood- its a natural material) a capped ferrule will feel different than a cored one. Then alter the bore of the...
  11. Cue Guru

    Retapering a wrapless cue to a thinner size

    Post a pic of the butt area so we know what we are looking at. If it has a lot of intricate inlay, it could turn into a nightmare fast depending on how the inlay was done (how deep mainly). That said, if you handed me this cue, I would suggest no taper (straight) from the base of the wrap to...
  12. Cue Guru

    Ferrule Hardness: The results are in! (and interesting!)

    Out of curiosity, where does Ivory fit in that range? And (less important) what is the unit of measurement for hardness? Thanks for the great list. Some of those 'legendary' materials now placed in perspective with their modern counterparts. Hats off to you (and your German accomplice)!
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    14.1 - What to do from here?

    That looks good to me... Might get the 10 as a bonus ball too. What did he win?
  14. Cue Guru

    Green or Blue Cloth

    Color Psychology Psychology of Blue : staying in a blue room can make you feel calmer and more relaxed,however, blue could also be depressing if it was over used. When you wear blue you leave an impression that you are loyal and trust worthy. It's recommended that you wear blue in job...
  15. Cue Guru

    trade custom cue for RC car setup

    I completely understand. Once I have it out of storage I'll post it up. It may be a bit of a handful for kids (I had trouble keeping it on the track myself!), but probably not competitive with the new cars as you say. It's in the original box to...;) As I mentioned, not worth a full custom...
  16. Cue Guru

    trade custom cue for RC car setup

    I have an RC-10 Worlds car (carbon parts and full bearings in the gear box etc.) with very low hours and a Monster Horsepower motor. Also a charger, batteries etc. But it is paked at the moment. I wouldn't want much for it (probably a grand when I bought this stuff) And it was/is quite fast...
  17. Cue Guru

    Counterfit Aramyth Tournament Balls

    Does Aramith have a list of authorized distributors on their web site? If so, it might be useful to cut-n-paste it here so we can be selective of who we buy from (new). The real danger is buying second-hand as the box would be open (if not missing) and the high gloss possibly dulled a bit from...
  18. Cue Guru

    Green or Blue Cloth

    I'm under 50 and still prefer green.:p Simonis green is the nicest shade; some of the other, brighter greens look a bit too 'nuclear' for my taste. Lighting is important regardless of cloth color. Blue is OK, I can play on it, but if and when I cover a table of my own it will be green Simonis...
  19. Cue Guru

    Turning down shafts

    Hey Rick- It sounds as if you and I have similar goals in mind for the way a cue plays. My holy grail is a 59" cue that plays like an old 57" cue. Seems simple enough, but it's not, as I'm sure you know. I would like to try one of your cues at some point... :thumbup: I have nothing...
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    Green or Blue Cloth

    Green. It's traditional, and won't go out of style as other colors may. Originally to resemble grass, as the game started on the lawn. If you are like me, your lawn may be yellow or brown, but that's another story... I also find blue a bit fatiguing, particularly under fluorescent (or CFL)...