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  1. platypus

    Breaking News: " The Hustlers " May 4th Tru Tv

    I just saw the commercial for it, hope its a doozy. Too bad I cant set the dvr so far ahead. Good luck and kick some ass Mikey Frost! I really hope this show takes off and lasts a couple of seasons at least.
  2. platypus

    WTT Matcase

    Im looking to see if anybody is interested in a gently used double envelope Matcase. I am looking to do a simple trade for either a Palmer or Scruggs/Frey cue, but I am open to other options. The case is sweet! It is a leather 2x2 (hence double envelope), Holds your sticks nice and snug...
  3. platypus

    Looking for Original Palmer...

    First or second catalog with foil window in the butt. Hopefully 2 shafts and original case. Looking for a clean trade of a very rare one of a kind never gonna see anything like this again 2*2 leather case. Cue needs to be in excellent/ near mint shape or I wont even dream about a deal. Send...
  4. platypus

    Problem with non-players in the pool room

    I too am a pool leauge player, yet i tend to follow pool hall etiquette. Even fellow teamates piss me off when they appear to be there more for the booze. Ive noticced now that at a few of the joints i frequent, they have started beer pong tourneys. As if there werent enough drunks already...
  5. platypus

    cue identification

    Just a shot in the dark, im hoping someone can tell me anything about this cue. I cant find any identifying marks on this butterfly cue. It was a inherited piece from my father who had quite a few obscure makers in his collection. When i saw it the first time it had a grey cork wrap, then when i...
  6. platypus

    Authorized Tim Scruggs repair

    That is exactly what im in need of. As i said before, only certain people have the rights to reproduce the logo, and without some kind of verification i wouldnt bother spending money on a overhaul. I may have screwed the pooch by having the butt cap replaced the first time, but I know its a...
  7. platypus

    Authorized Tim Scruggs repair

    Authorized meaning Tim Scruggs approved work. Not everyone can use his logo and that is an important factor for the finished cue. As far as history, i haven't seen this particular cue in the Scruggs catalog, so i believe it may be custom. This is the only scruggs i have used, so are all Scruggs...
  8. platypus

    Slip-On cue grips

    I have a cue that had an ugly dirty cork wrap that i removed and used grip tale used for covering bicycle handlebars. Get at your local bike shop. It comes in many colors including black and brown. They also have them with a tacky feel. I used the black on a cocobola wood stick and it actually...
  9. platypus

    How Would You Play This?

    Cut the 2 to lower right corner placing the cb above the 3, then go for a 3/9 combo. Game over!! Now I know some might think this is a horrible choice of shots, but I belive it is a very makeable shot.
  10. platypus

    Authorized Tim Scruggs repair

    I know this has been discussed before, I am looking for an authorized Tim Scruggs cue repair. When I originally received this Q the butt was cracked in 2 pieces. I had it replaced. Now I would like it to be fixed properly and get the cue refurbished. I saw a pic of a Scruggs redone by Bryan...
  11. platypus

    vintage viking, seems like a great buy....

    If its vintage, just keep it, not gonna hurt to just leave it in back of the closet for another 10 years.Then break it out just to admire. I hate getting rid of cues, I miss them after they are gone. Wish I had some of them back. Like my Mordt, wasn't vintage but sure was a sweet cue, kickin my...
  12. platypus

    Please help to identify my Cue

    the points and the ring work look an Ingram I have cept mine doesn't have a star and it has a SS joint. Just had a Kamui SS put on it and it hits like a dream.
  13. platypus

    What cues are the pros using these days?

    the pro's are using whatever cue the last promotion company gave to use! wish they would give me a cue.
  14. platypus

    Magic Eraser for shaft

    I use a those green scrubbies, gets the dirt right off...then I use a bill from the money off the last guy I just beat. Smooths the shaft out nice and shiny.
  15. platypus

    Vintage Cues For Sale, 1st Catalog Adam, BIAGIO, FRANKIE DOODLE

    I have that same mali cue. I found it in a pawnshop for 20 buck so I had to save it. You can barely see the last rements of the logo on the bottom. What is strange about it tho is that is has the eurathane over the wrap. Feels like playing with a wrapless, and very heavy too. Any info as to why...
  16. platypus

    how are ya'll doing in league ?

    For some reason im suckin pretty bad in my 8 ball league but rockin the tables on 9 ball. Granted 8 ball is on the 8 foot tables and 9 ball is on the bar boxes. I can rock the 8 footers at my local pub all day but when its time to play 8ball league, I cave. I make every excuse I can as to why I...
  17. platypus

    Custom Cue Discussion

    Just remember its not the cue, its the player!
  18. platypus

    9-Ball rule question

    Thanx for the info Cornerman...I was really trying to be a smarta$$ but it is good to know the history behind some of the rules, as every joint has their local house rules
  19. platypus

    9-Ball rule question

    you don't have to call balls or pockets in 9 ball. That's why they invented 10 ball!
  20. platypus

    purchasing cue question

    Hmm sounds fishy already but don't jump to conclusions just yet....some people are honest....