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    What are the newest/most current training aids?

    I’ve had really good success with my iPhone on a tripod with BaM video delay app set to 10 seconds with screen mirroring to my tv by my table. Instant replay for stroke and shot analysis.
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    2022 US Mosconi Cup points

    Is there a current standings list of US 2022 Mosconi Cup that someone could point me to? Also a list of US events that a player can earn Ranking for Mosconi Cup? I imagine it would be a Matchroom list of 9 ball qualifiers but can’t find anything….
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    Atlanta, GA Cue work

    Kevin Wright. Did work at Cues .Does mine and does great. Message me for his number.
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    My 3 Day Bootcamp With Tin Man

    I’m scheduled with Demetrius at end of April and can’t wait.... sounds like you gained in a lot of areas.....
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    Just Completed 3 Day Boot Camp with Demetrius Jelatis aka The Tinman

    I’m scheduled for a boot camp with Demetrius at the end of April and can’t wait. Such a great investment in your game!
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    How to Increase Play/All Levels

    I think you risk ruining the bloodline of pool by handicapping professional pool tournaments. in no other pro sport do they “help“ lesser teams and people with scoring assistance. They handicap the betting.Handicapping is genetically altering pool dna instead of allowing natural selection. What...
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    Merry Christmas - What did Santa get you ?

    Santa totally hooked me up. I got a boot camp of pool instruction with Demetrius Jelatis (tinman on az)! Sooooo excited!
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    Tips on video taping practice and matches at home

    Instead of going to video and pressing record, go to video and tap on the center of the pool table in the screen and a slide bar for contrast will appear. Slide it up or down until you have the best focus and contrast. Should improve it greatly.
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    I love Danny Diliberto but this commentary is brutal.

    Danny is a legend but no longer belongs in the booth. Without Mark Wilson helping him through it, gently correcting him to keep viewers on right track, Danny would implode on his own. In the match I watched today Danny suggested a single elimination format where the losers get the electric...
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    Mezz exceed cues-why are they

    My buddy who bought a mezz talked to them and they say mezz and exceed have identical construction and hit the same and the only difference is the detail of finish?
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    This needs to stop

    There was a bar in my town that a small group of locals were regulars in. They sat there everyday smoking and making sarcastic comments to anyone new that came in and making them feel unwelcome. Every conversation that came up, they disagreed, were combative, and knew more than anyone else. The...
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    Diamond Billiards Cape Coral fl

    I just realized I read the original Diamond post wrong. I’m pretty excited about the table. If it were me I would have gone Pro Am model but my wife didn’t like the commercial look to it and wanted a more “furniture” look so here we are lol. Just ordered a light for it yesterday. Now just need...
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    Diamond Billiards Cape Coral fl

    I have a Diamond Paragon on order. The Diamond factory reopened this past Monday. Until then, sitting here counting days....,
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    Where to buy the Predator Arena Light

    Pj thank you so much. I enjoy reading your posts btw!
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    Where to buy the Predator Arena Light

    Thank you! I’m not sure what I was doing wrong.....
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    Where to buy the Predator Arena Light

    I’m open to other light options. I just don’t like the coffin looking beasts Diamond puts out. I also looked at the slim Longoni lights.i’ll check out the Littmans too!
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    Where to buy the Predator Arena Light

    Sorry for the multiple attempts at a picture, I’m trying to figure it out....
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    Where to buy the Predator Arena Light

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    Where to buy the Predator Arena Light

    Here is a picture (if it works) [IMG]