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  1. IntoTheRail

    Predator V-TEK Silencer Pad - where to buy?

    I searched the forums but didnt see anything recent regarding the availability of these red pads on the carbon fiber shafts. If anyone has any info on where/how to get them it would be appreciated. If you need to be a certified predator repair person to get them I would like to know how to...
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    Has Efren ever competed in 14.1?

    The best part about this match is that after he ran 141, he set up a decent break shot on the next rack, fires the object ball in the corner and COMPLETELY MISSES the stack with the cue ball. lol You could tell he was super embarrassed about it, was pretty funny.
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    Tips pros use?

    Not likely. I remember Appleton saying on one of the TAR podcasts that he has had the same tip for over 2 years.
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    Found a Meucci David Howard cue at Pawn shop for $75, but it had a Police Hold on it.

    Pretty sure the guy working at the pawn shop, who you spoke with, could have answered these questions in about 30 seconds.
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    APA rates going up?

    This has been the business model since day one. If you break everything down and view it as a for profit system, it is quite clear that the APA is a pyramid scheme. You get a group of people together and everyones handicaps work, then 3 peoples go up over the course of a session and now this...
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    Whats Going On Here? Jump Shot

    This does not sound correct at all...
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    Whats Going On Here? Jump Shot

    I watched this live and I was thinking the same thing. His follow through even goes way to the left almost like a jump/masse shot. After seeing it I was thinking maybe he hit it that way so he could put some left spin on the cue ball to hold it a little off the rail for his next shot. Either way...
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    House Come the Pros don't use Chalk Holders?

    HA! I lol'd.
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    Marty "Kingpin" Herman

    LMFAO That arm swoop was the stuff of legends! I kept waiting for him to run out but I guess sometimes the music just takes control.
  10. IntoTheRail

    Marty "Kingpin" Herman

    Wow. Made my whole day and it is only 7am...
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    BCM Fancy Sneaky!!!!! 3 Shafts w/ OB Classic

  12. IntoTheRail

    Diveney Jump/Break - Cocobolo and Bubinga!!!!!!!!

  13. IntoTheRail

    BCM Fancy Sneaky!!!!! 3 Shafts w/ OB Classic

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    Diveney Jump/Break - Cocobolo and Bubinga!!!!!!!!

    Great playing and looking JB here by top cue maker Pat Diveney. Cue was made in 09 and breaks and jumps great. 19oz Brass radial thread pin Samsara tip 13mm shaft (doesnt really show in the pics but the shaft is pretty dirty and could use a good cleaning) Very slight taper roll. Price $300...
  15. IntoTheRail

    BCM Fancy Sneaky!!!!! 3 Shafts w/ OB Classic

    Up for sale is a beautiful Byran Mordt fancy sneaky pete cue. Cue is Cocobola with a white butt cap and white joint with Bryans signature ringwork. There are 3 shafts for the cue. 19.5 oz, 3/8-10 Flat faced pin 1st shaft - 12.75mm with a very stiff hit. This is the original shaft and is the one...
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    WTB Ball Set

    Looking for a premium ball set. New or used in good condition. Figured I would try here first before ordering new. Thanks!
  17. IntoTheRail

    DymondWood Shaft production

    I dont believe you need to wait between turning. It is resin impregnated so it's not like it is going to warp or something.
  18. IntoTheRail

    Dymondwood Dreaming

    Hello, I am looking for a cue maker to make a complete dymond wood playing cue. I wont get into a ton of details but it would need to have a cored out shaft. I can be much more specific about what im looking for but I just need to be pointed in the right direction. So, if anyone knows of a...