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    Cue Repair Questions - Clear Coat Damage

    But he doesn’t need a new wrap!
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    New power for old Porpers

    Pulley Hi captainjko, My inbox is open now. Yes, the pully on the lathe is the original one that comes on a Porper lathe. I made a small pully for the motor out of aluminium. It's still not geared low enough for my taste though and if I used this lathe more I would make a simple jackshaft to...
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    Makes me want to quit

    What a shitshow. Chuck is going to come up short on this no mater what. Things like this have no good solution. For the life of me, a don't see one single thing that Chuck did wrong, but he is booking a looser on this one. The fellow who bought the cue had the right to receive a cue he...
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    Test Post

    Hey Roger, make sure you check the box that keeps you logged in. I'll bet that's what's wrong.
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    Installing radial pin

    I suspect your pins are fine. That inaccurate tailstock center is pushing the pins off when you tighten it into the center hole of the pin. Then when you indicate the pin, the indicator shows that the pin is concentric with the center, not concentric with the cue. When I got my Porper lathe...
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    New Shaft

    If you own a cue (actually, if you are alive and breathing), you should own a caliper, a very handy tool . I like the "iGaging" one. Amazon and others have it for under $20. Harbor Freight has others from about $12 on sale. Once you own it, you will feel competent and empowered and will go...
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    Scott Gracio

    Thanks! Thanks for the help. I think I have it covered now. Robin Snyder
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    Scott Gracio

    No shortage of wise guys :) Har har har. I have to admit, you were way out ahead on that one. I didn't see it coming at all. Naa, Scott offered me some fantastic Bubinga sapwood years and years ago and I passed. What a blunder. This stuff was wild. He might accidentally have a piece left. I...
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    Scott Gracio

    If anyone has Scott Gracio's current contact info, please PM me. He may have some wood I need. Thanks, Robin Snyder
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    Lowballing prices

    Dean, you nailed it 100%. Robin Snyder
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    Any ideas as to who makes these?

    Sorry, no clue. Robin Snyder
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    Any ideas as to who makes these?

    Not KC KC never made anything like this. KC cues were made in China and sold by a guy in Freemont, CA and perhaps by others. Most were 3/8-12, a few were Radial Robin Snyder
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    Cue Identification (Les Blevins?)

    Romero? Probably not. I'm pretty sure this cue is not an Al Romero cue. The weight screw is correct but I see nothing else that would suggest his work. As far as I know, Al always uses 3/8-10 joint screws. I've never seen a Radial. I've not seen that type phenolic or a butt sleeve that long...
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    router mount for Porper B

    router mount Check your inbox Robin Snyder
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    Coos Cue Complete

    Very nice. John- This is certainly a handsome cue. I particularly like the color and texture combinations. Nice finish too. Well done! Robin Snyder
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    Following blocking ball into pocket

    Cool. This works SO well. Robin Snyder < still learning
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    Where can I get Unique Posters

    Nice Robin Snyder
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    Looking for True Mason'Micarta

    Mason Micarta PM sent. Robin Snyder
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    Help me decide on a table size

    I like how you think, Robin Snyder
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    Gender test for any first place over $199......

    This is an outstanding post. I agree 100%. I'm glad others besides myself get this. Robin Snyder