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  1. cardsfan

    Sold Vintage McDermott B and D Series Cues

    Price on D15?
  2. cardsfan

    Looking for a spare Butt of a cue

    I have a McDermott D15 stitched rings with original shaft and a new Talisman tip. Straight
  3. cardsfan

    When did Walmart start selling Schons???

    Surprising? No, this is surprising... They also sell Cuetec, Falcon, Mcdermott,and Viking.
  4. cardsfan

    "Custom Schon Bushka style for sale or trade"

    Sp-28 looks like a SP-28 from the 1990's. Beautiful stick! I bought a SP-49 a few years back, love it. Good luck with your sale/trade. [/IMG]
  5. cardsfan

    Schon I.D. For Sale

    Sp-47 That is a SP-47 circa 1990's. I have the *SP-49 (3 above it). I paid about $600 three years ago with 2 shafts. IMO, with the slumping cue market, I'd say it's worth $500-$650. The condition of the shafts would effect the value as well. A true collector might give you a closer value...
  6. cardsfan

    Predator BK2 for quick sale

    If I sell it, you get first dibs. Funds sent Joe.
  7. cardsfan

    Predator BK2 for quick sale

    sent a pm, hopefully before wayne
  8. cardsfan

    Wanted - Meucci/McDermott/Joss

    I have a McDermott D15 in almost mint condition. Has a small blem on the butt.
  9. cardsfan

    FS: Schon STL-1 + predator 314-2 shaft

    PM Sent PM Sent PM Sent
  10. cardsfan

    Laser teaching aid?

    This is interesting.
  11. cardsfan

    McDermott C & D series

    McDermott D-15 I have a McDermott D-15 original shaft rolls straight about 95%. Has a blem on the sleeve. $300 OBO. Mike
  12. cardsfan

    Caption this picture

    "Hey Steve, is it my shot?" "Yes mammary...I mean maam...<grin>
  13. cardsfan

    Question for you Schon guys

    The Schon tip is too hard for me. I prefer a Moori medium.
  14. cardsfan

    Opinions on this Gandy Table Please!

    Hey Jeff, I'd take him up on this. Glen's knowledge and experience is one of a kind. That's a hell of an offer. Rep to you Glen!! Mike
  15. cardsfan

    Opinions on this Gandy Table Please!

    Check out link: He's been trying to sell this table since last November and his last price was $2500. Looks like he's dumping it. He's also got on eBay for $750 as well. I'd...
  16. cardsfan

    The Price We Pay For Improving

    Now that is true friend! You both share a passion for the game and love the competition and satisfaction for beating one another. I had a friend like that until he moved to Cincinnati with his fiance. I'm happy for his new start on life but miss him dearly. Mike
  17. cardsfan

    Viking/2 Shafts 4 Sale!

    Your not going to get any good offers here. I tried to sell a new, still in the box, Viking F03 on AZ and did get a bite. I've seen other try to no avail. You'll get more for it on eBay. I'm not trying to high-jack your thread, just offer some advice. I've found AZ to be a higher end production...
  18. cardsfan

    My Viking Amateur experience!!

    I tip my hat to all parties involved for handling this situation with class and professionalism. To Drake for understanding rules are rules and to MJ knowing some rules can be slightly bent (letting him finish 3rd). Tap, Tap! Mike
  19. cardsfan

    video of the wife shooting

    Kudos to any man who gets to share his love of pool with a significant other. You are all very lucky and blessed. I tried to get my wife to play pool and golf, it just didn't take. Her priorities wouldn't allow it I guess. Thanks for posting your videos! Mike
  20. cardsfan

    ***MUST SEE***: Schon Cues

    Schon 12th from left, thanks