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  1. lodini

    BCA and Coca Cola

    "The partnership with Coca-Cola, First Data and Sysco Foodservices is the direct result of BankShot Entertainment. BankShot Entertainment is the new marketing and activation division of the Billiard Congress of America." This is actually the most important part of the article. This means...
  2. lodini

    Non-Pool Industry Sponsors?????

    Yes - and they have millions of fans too.
  3. lodini

    Non-Pool Industry Sponsors?????

    No one will ever get a company to spend money without an actual product... and pool has no product. Yet. I know some people working very hard on that. By "product" I don't mean pool players... the product in football, for example, is the NFL, the teams, the players, the 16 regular season...
  4. lodini

    Pool sponsors

    Looks like they are pretty supportive to me...
  5. lodini

    Event promoters need to get a clue.

    Someone actually wanted to cover the event? Turning that down is really weird to me... unless they already had a bunch of press people banging their door down?:confused::confused::confused:
  6. lodini

    Sponsor info.

    This is a great answer, Mike. I would add that you are going to have to start low in the beginning. Don't make promises you can't keep, otherwise you won't be able to renew your sponsorships year to year. Expect that your sponsors are going to want to come in on the low end and have you prove...
  7. lodini

    Poison Sponsorship of Kiss of Death

    Just thought I would try to help clarify for you the difference between a sponsorship and an endorsement. A "sponsor" generally gives financial support to a player or team as a method of helping them succeed, in exchange for advertising rights. That player/team will wear logos, appear in...
  8. lodini

    What is Borana Andoni's speed?

    In seeking a product or person that has "marketability", a company or investor will research the demand of its audience. I think it's fair to say that once they find an angle they think will work (i.e., 6 hot chicks who not only can play great pool, but are ambassadors in the pool world noted...
  9. lodini

    Jennifer Barretta on MTV?

    Sorry, but this does nothing but good for her "brand." An entire MTV nation now knows who she is. She's hot, she can shoot, and now they know who she is. That's great for everyone.
  10. lodini

    What's going on with tournament promotions?

    Nothing wrong with barter at all! It eliminates the need for cash to exchange hands, but it works the same way... and since no one has cash, then it works for everyone. It is done all the time in pro sports. In fact, it's a great way to get to people who love pool because inside industry...
  11. lodini

    What's going on with tournament promotions?

    I would just like to address the money issue... that's what sponsorship is for. Even a professional sports team or league wouldn't have the funds to advertise if it weren't for sponsorship dollars. Sponsorship sales in pool is the key to successful events. Not saying that it's easy to do...
  12. lodini

    What's going on with tournament promotions?

  13. lodini

    I am months away from getting lasik...please share your experiences!

    I had mine done two weeks ago. It's been WONDERFUL. Night vision was a little weird at first, but all is good now. The prescription they used is even stronger than my glasses and contacts were, so I see better than ever. I see every leaf on every tree and it's just amazing. I tested 20/15...
  14. lodini

    Live Streaming w/ Commentary tomorrow at Amsterdam Billiards

    Is Gail Glazebrook playing?
  15. lodini

    I don't know how to title this

    Um... so I wanted to check it out for myself and I googled "Dragon Promotions" (that's the name of the promotional company, right?) Anyway, I thought you guys would get a kick out of this... I am at work right now, and when I tried to log on to the Dragon Promotions website, my office filter...
  16. lodini

    I don't know how to title this

    Isn't the event an "invitational"? That's pretty much the definition.
  17. lodini

    Table cameras at amsterdam billiards nyc

    Thanks, I appreciate it! Unfortunately I am not privy to that kind of technology, so I will have to wait till non-working hours to watch Amsterdam TV :) Do these broadcasts include sound?? Cause that would be awesome. And Gail, let's set it up so that I turn it on and you jump in front of...
  18. lodini

    Table cameras at amsterdam billiards nyc

    Booooo... my work computer does not seem to want to stream live video :( It worked great at home though! So, I guess that means I should be quitting my job and watching Amsterdam TV 24/7 now, right? hehehehe
  19. lodini

    To keep warm or to save your energy?

    I was never much for warming up at all. I seem to play better cold, believe it or not. It's the weirdest thing actually. Warming up seems to make me nervous and my brain starts to think too much. So between matches, I find it best to either watch other matches or just talk to people and try...
  20. lodini

    Table cameras at amsterdam billiards nyc

    That just totally made my day!!! So cool to see it live like that. I miss that place :thumbup::thumbup: