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  1. billiard dave 7

    Ball Cleaner

  2. billiard dave 7

    Ball Cleaner

    What about the Aramith Ball Restorer? Same ratio? Carom balls also?
  3. billiard dave 7

    predator p2

    looking for a p2 with the revo 12.4 shaft
  4. billiard dave 7

    14.1 racking

    When racking your own with no referee, the 15th ball is accidently picked up what is the call?
  5. billiard dave 7

    meucci pro shaft 12.5mm vs Kantana 12.5mm?

    I thought it sounded strange, chalked it off to some one who didn't know what they were talking about but I was done dealing with him.
  6. billiard dave 7

    meucci pro shaft 12.5mm vs Kantana 12.5mm?

    I ordered a Meucci Pro shaft from PoolDawg listed as a 12.5, and it came at 12.9+. When I called to xchange I was told that they only come at 13 regardless what was advertised. I tried taking it down to 12.75 and I didn't like it.
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    The Irishman movie

    I loved it!
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    _____FS: Capone Cocobolo Merry Widow_____

    I'll take this with the Revo if available. PM sent
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    Mezz ZZ Series Cocobola / Birdseye

    Mezz cue Message sent
  10. billiard dave 7

    Schmidty back at it, this time in CA

    I understand that John is playing cue ball fouls only. Still great runs, but suspect for records.
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    MT Billiards ran an experiment using 2 sets of Royal Pro, and 2 of Simonis. What was the verdict?
  12. billiard dave 7

    rail bolt torque

    Thank you.
  13. billiard dave 7

    rail bolt torque

    If the torque on the Diamonds is 15 lbs, what should it be on a Gabriels carom?
  14. billiard dave 7

    Promoting 3 Cushion

    Thank you for the kind words, but I must point out that Mark Fisher, and Steve McDonald did most of the heavy work along with Yura. All I did was help out and lend support.
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    Help me please.

    Is there any chance that Diamond could get the table up to the vendor area with the fork lifts, etc that they will be using anyway? Do you have any relations with Greg?
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    Help me please.

    We are trying to get someone to inspect our Gabriel table, take down to the heating grid, and set up correct. Cloth ( royal Pro ) is already in house. We could arrange to have table taken down to below slates for troubleshooting. I would be available to man your booth at no charge while you are...
  17. billiard dave 7

    Slide on and off cue weight? P Flemming..

    I had one years ago, lost it, loved it and told Pat he needed to put them out again.
  18. billiard dave 7

    Rules question

    Not trying to get in a pissing contest. "If you don't have something nice to say..."
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    These are some tips for those who struggle to put together runs

    I did play a lot of straight pool on Gold Crowns growing up. Then I went south in the navy and ran into 9 ball more. Played fairly well, then less and less. Once you start to dog, it's hard not too. I didn't know what it meant to dog when younger. Don't get me wrong. I missed but never dogged...
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    Rules question

    Just saying what base of the ball should be.