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  1. bulletjr

    Bushwhacker Tascarella

    Interested !!
  2. bulletjr

    Baltimore "buddy" Daniel Dennis passed on.....

    I agree that you always keep your woman and your wallet close, lol. I understand that Buddy is one of a few pool players to ever live by solely playing on the road. That's hard to swallow and he only knew that lifestyle. I miss watching him beat Grady's butt in one hole and Grady would bar...
  3. bulletjr

    Baltimore "buddy" Daniel Dennis passed on.....

    Terry, is that the cue that Tim Scruggs made for him after the movie came out ?
  4. bulletjr

    Baltimore "buddy" Daniel Dennis passed on.....

    I was trying to figure last month what had happened to Buddy and ran across his nephews Facebook page. I learned then that he passed away I believe in September 2016. I missed my time aging and traveling with him. He was just like Jay Helfert said " triple smart ". He was a force to be...
  5. bulletjr

    The Baltimore Bullet

    buddy told me tim scruggs made him a cue with what looked like bullets going down the cue it was stolen later
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    One Pocket Tourney ? Grady Matthews

    still no answer.
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    One Pocket Tourney ? Grady Matthews

    What happened to the annual tourney for grady that started last year ? Was in September I believe.
  8. bulletjr

    looking for a good pool hall in knoxville tn

    I can assure you that there ain't much action in town. I have been here a couple months and stirred every pot there is. I will play you some one hole at baileys. Just ask where is the "carolina kid" and someone will probably call. I am the only action in town and I don't even live here . lol
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    For anyone that new Tony (Tyson) Morrison.....

    We had several talks when I was in and out of charlotte. He propositioned me and knew I wouldn't bite. From then on he would just grin and say " what are we gonna do" and I would say " If I beat you, I get no action " . He just laughed. God Bless
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    Names from the past

    Not the man his family thought he was...... His son is a good guy and his grandson was looking up to him I hear. He is a pool player from ......that is where we look in the beginning. Never know, some things we might do if we are faced with the same ????? I regret not taking...
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    Names from the past

    Jay, I got a call last winter that Mr. Dennis had finally lost his cool with his wife being sick and all. Buddy was moving strange last time I was around him and he had little patience for much at all. Buddy will probably end up in someones pool room in the near future. Not a clue where he's...
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    One-Word Thread

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    Aiming - what does Efren know, that no one else does ?

    Wow... Now comes the interesting part sports fans........... The very first individual that expressed a concern that I become better at this game told me the same thing. He gave me a practice routine to work on and guess what.??????? You are seeing the stick hit the object ball and the cue...
  14. bulletjr

    Lancaster Custom cue...

    Well........... Guys, It has been about 6 years and only about 3 people on AZ billiards have contact with one of these lancaster cues. I will let Trav hit with this thing next week and give his reply. If you see one, hit two or three balls and buy the thing. True player and talking about...
  15. bulletjr

    Lancaster Custom cue... I just picked up one tonight dated 2000. This thing is balanced and hits like the tascarella next to it that my buddy plays with. Unbelievable and some kid walked in the door and said I need to sale it now. I hit with it for 10 minutes and bought it. Owner of the pool room has...
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    Some 2 cents As more players start coming out, Try racing to your handicap and rank players in the middle if you don't know there speed. After a few weeks you will know where everyone is, but start in the middle. Race to 2 is brutal and is more of a gamble than 9 ball from the start. Give...
  17. bulletjr

    Judd fuller

    How many of these beauty's are floating around. Hell of a player at that. Could use a new wrap, but other than that..........What will happen when he quits making cue's ???? I lost my first one in a bad deal, but this one is staying at the house. [/ATTACH][/ATTACH][/ATTACH][/ATTACH]
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    I know that nobody may have signed up, but I had an almost certain number that I knew of around 10 to 15 that were willing to drive 3 hours for this event. Pool players don't like to commit ,but are willing to keep things in mind till the last minute. The predator tourney in Tallahassee last...
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    +_+_+_ 12 point bluegrass (richard harris) +_+_+_

    Trav you are selling the farm aren't u? This is a very good deal too.
  20. bulletjr

    +_+_+_ nice wrapless rick howard priced to move +_+_+_

    This may the best deal on the forum. Very nice.