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    Lots of APA Drama Lately

    Yep. Definitely taught in martial arts
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    Valley table cushion.

    I need a k-55 plus a green rail cloth for a 7' Dynamo table if an extra to sell . Eddie
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    rail cushions

    I'm trying to find a single rail cushion for 7' valley dynamo pool table. Eddie
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    Faster cloth on 7 footer

    What cloth do you think would be the best to use in a non-climate-controlled garage?
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    My first tip install

    very nice!
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    Moving a 3 piece slate pool table

    Thanks buck... That helps
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    Moving a 3 piece slate pool table

    Optional? I'm assuming using paper and superglue isn't a common practice for most table mechanics, or do you prefer doing it that way? When you say, paper, I'm thinking something like a few pieces of a manilla envelope, and slow-drying super glue.
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    Finally added an Adam to the collection

    nice cue... where the heck do you live? I'd like to take a gander around your town
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    Moving a 3 piece slate pool table

    Periodically I have to move a 3-piece 8' pool table across the room approximately 6'-7'. Suggestions for an initial setup that will minimize the amount of table shifting while moving? Eddie
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    Your choice of cloth

    Thanks guys for all of the information... certainly helps me to feel comfortable making a decision.
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    Your choice of cloth

    Thanks Sheldon.. I think that's what I'm going with. Certainly more cost-efficient.
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    Your choice of cloth

    Thanks Steve.
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    Your choice of cloth

    has anyone tried Proline? If so for any length of time to critique the durability or how it plays? Eddie
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    JUMP SHOT Stance, Bridge, and Stroke Variations Useful to Know

    Great video Dave. Some valuable info.
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    8 foot or 9 foot cloth?

    are 7' 3pc. slate tables considered to be"oversized" 7'?
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    Radial Tap issue (new to repairs)

    So are the threads the same, the same depth for the joint pin, and the shaft bore depth? The reason I'm asking, my radial shafts aren't interchangeable, one is about 1/4"-5/16" short of a face-to-face connection.
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    I have one... I've used it a couple times, so it's like new

    I have one... I've used it a couple times, so it's like new
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    Konllen vs Predator

    Thanks. The radial pin butt is what I was most interested in, so that's pretty cheap compared to other prices for just the butt.
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    Konllen vs Predator

    I know this thread is a couple of years old....No doubt they're cheap cues, what are your thoughts about the butt of the cue as far as using it with a good quality wooden shaft?
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    Eagle eye and sightright