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  1. rivercitysledge

    Dan Harriman's Cue Sports Prep Academy

    kinda like shaw did to bergman
  2. rivercitysledge

    2023 DCC Big Foot Players List

    Yeah that's what I'm looking for
  3. rivercitysledge

    2023 DCC Big Foot Players List

    Do you have the link for the bank's results?
  4. rivercitysledge

    SVB vs Chohan 1P

    23 22 amazing out tony
  5. rivercitysledge

    Biado vs Sky UPDATES

    who won the late match chip or dennis?
  6. rivercitysledge

    oh yea

    oh yea
  7. rivercitysledge

    Fedor over Bergman

    look me up if shane plays ill take some odds since hes clear favorite
  8. rivercitysledge

    Ya' Got Trouble - River City

    whew thought he was talking about me
  9. rivercitysledge

    Roys looking for matches for Filler

    rack 9 on spot rack 10 on spot ?
  10. rivercitysledge

    2008 pete tascarella rambo style

    This is a 2008 pete tascarella with 3 shafts with only a couple plays under it 2 shafts never played..all dead straight It is a 4 point tulip wood rambo style with veneers 3/8x10 joint screw with bumper and spec irish linen wrap and 3 13mm shafts with iv--- joint and ferrules.. butt 16 oz shaft...
  11. rivercitysledge

    Earl vs Sky...Score?

    Look me up if it ever goes down
  12. rivercitysledge

    Earl vs Sky...Score?

    He's way out classed for that that's why he's playing these phony exhibition matches
  13. rivercitysledge

    cue markin id?

    Thank you......
  14. rivercitysledge

    cue markin id?

  15. rivercitysledge

    cue markin id?

    anyone know who made this?thanks in advanve