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  1. DeadPoked

    Pool collection for sale! Cues, Jim Murnack case, Hustler(1962 print), pool books.

    Need to sell some of my pool collection to generate some seed money and lighten my load. I would prefer to sell all of this in one package, but might be open to reasonable offers on individual items. Jim Murnack case John Ross Custom Cue Lucassi butt The Hustler Original promotional...
  2. DeadPoked

    Dogs and Friends

    Jimmy, don't be so hard on yourself. When being confronted with such a loss it's very easy to lose control over ones emotions. You ever feel like lashing out when all the pressure in the world is on you to make a shot or when you feel as if you didn't meet up to another's expectations? That's...
  3. DeadPoked

    Mosconi Cup Start Time? Stream Link?

    It's starting. Here is a working link :
  4. DeadPoked

    Message from JOHNNY ARCHER

    This is about as low and petty as it gets in pool, and it's actions like this which reflects ones true character. A person who conducts themselves in such a way should not be in charge of any organization. It's difficult enough to get by in pool as it is, but especially so with someone...
  5. DeadPoked

    Beloit, WI - The Carom Room - $5,000 Added Guaranteed - August 23rd thru 25th

    Someone was supposed to call and put me in earlier. Just realized they did not. I tried calling a little while ago, but no answer. I was wanting to play both events but probably won't come if I can't play in the main event. Please put me down if any available. -Roy Payton
  6. DeadPoked

    WTB 9ft Diamond in Minnesota

    A friend of mine in Minnesota just built a new building onto his property and called asking me for advice on tables. Of course I told him to put in a Diamond table. He lives in Northern Minnesota. Anyone know of a good used table he might be able to acquire close to that area. He could drive...
  7. DeadPoked

    Have you accepted the fact that you are a pool player for life?

    I agree, Roy. My apologies for bumping an old thread but I stumbled upon this old one and thought some may enjoy the commentary that's been lost in the shuffle of time. A lot has changed in my life since posting this thread. Pool being a big part of that. \\still a pool player
  8. DeadPoked

    Strong Arm John?

    I enjoyed reading this thread. The videos of SAJ 'arm-wrestling' at DCC was taken by me. It was really fun to see that all go down. Glad I could share it with you guys. This was all going on while Shane was torturing Alex the last night of the DCC which was the last night at the Executive...
  9. DeadPoked

    Dennis Orcullo Can Beat Me 101 out of 100 Times, BUT...

    You guys didn't even discuss Orcullo's most critical mistake. It was after Shane made two critical errors jumping the ball off the table and then miscueing which set Dennis up to tie the game. After Shane miscued, he was left with a straight in shot but had to play difficult position on a ball...
  10. DeadPoked

    Is it possible being a smart, analytical type can actually hold back your game?

    Pool is about maintaining focus and not allowing side thoughts to deviate that focus. Often times the thoughts we have are negative which triggers adrenaline to be released. Adrenaline impedes our rational thinking and impairs our playing ability. A person who is very perceptive and...
  11. DeadPoked

    For the gamblers out there

    Quit attempting to 'fight or flight' when confronted with something which goes against you. Just focus and enjoy the moment.
  12. DeadPoked

    It's Billiards Match Game Time!!!!!!!!

    Congratulated. Ship it!
  13. DeadPoked

    Jim Murnak stops taking custom case orders.

    So does this mean that you are also not doing repairs for your cases any longer? I had been meaning to contact you for sometime to get my brass clasp fixed and then also both shoulder strap rivets had come undone. I bought one of your cases while deployed to Iraq back in 05 as a gift to myself...
  14. DeadPoked

    An Open Letter to My Sponsor

    Sounds like you found a winner, Lou. Thanks for sharing. Goodluck to the both of you.
  15. DeadPoked

    Country Calvin Classic $6,000 Added June 24,25,26th Alvin,Tx "Old School Rules" 9Ball

    Ray, I requested to be added when there were only 10 people on the list. I think the fair thing would be to add me to the list in the 11th spot. Maybe not. It is up to you.
  16. DeadPoked

    Country Calvin Classic $6,000 Added June 24,25,26th Alvin,Tx "Old School Rules" 9Ball

    Ray, I just checked this thread for the first time since I posted earlier requesting you add me to the list and noticed I was never added to the standby list. I should be in the 11th spot according to the time I requested to be added. Thanks. Roy Payton
  17. DeadPoked

    Country Calvin Classic $6,000 Added June 24,25,26th Alvin,Tx "Old School Rules" 9Ball

    Ray can you add me to this list please? Thanks. Looks like a great tournament. Hope it goes very well for you and Shuff.
  18. DeadPoked

    Unprofessional Conduct at the RTC

    I would not be happy if had a 3 year old child and this grammatical nightmare was the best rebuttal they could come up with.
  19. DeadPoked

    Unprofessional Conduct at the RTC

    This self-righteousness in this thread is getting out of control. As had been stated before by people that were there that this was just all in good fun, late at night in a poolhall/bar, in a non-sanctioned "2nd chance" event that was open to all ladies, and that all of the money was put up by...
  20. DeadPoked

    Pool near Waldorf, MD

    pwned. . . .