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  1. samiun

    MEZZ Ignite Shaft

    Can't wait to test one... :)
  2. samiun

    Does the cost of playing cue impact your game?

    For production cue, some of the higher end model are actually just ornament and some of those are perform just like the plain jane model. I think the low deflection shaft should help eliminating additional calculation when playing using english, while the technology in the cue butt are more to...
  3. samiun

    mezz vs predator

    I have mezz axi for 2 years and it's not my main playing cue. First I want to order a predator cue with revo 12.4, but the dealer won't have that before April. So I ordered the expro and replace my current mezz shaft (wx700). I feel more feedback, less deflection, and less stiff than hybrid pro...
  4. samiun

    The BIG Mezz shaft thread!

    I bought it new and through a store/reseller. The butt are fine, the shaft in other hand are slightly wobble when I make the purchase, but the bent are just very slightly. I stored it on my work room with my other cue which are in the room for 5 years since I moved here. I think the way I store...
  5. samiun

    The BIG Mezz shaft thread!

    I bought Mezz Axi 151 with WX700 in Dec 2016 which is my first Mezz cue, now the shaft are bent and had very very noticeable wobble when I roll the cue on the pool table. I don't know about any guarantee (if there's any), but I am thinking to buy a HP2 or ExPro for replacing the WX700. Does...
  6. samiun

    The BIG Mezz shaft thread!

    Thank you, sir. Yes, I did ask about the availability of the nx ferrule before, and he stated that it is available. I'm just curious because it's to white for a mezz ferrule and the cue repair man also has some issue in the past. After all he is the only person that closest to my location even...
  7. samiun

    The BIG Mezz shaft thread!

    Today I received my WX700 with the new nx ferrule from a local cue maker, the shaft has a crack on the ferrule before being replaced with a new one. After a while, I noticed that the ferrule seems to be longer than before, also the ferrule are so white compared to normal mezz ferrule. I forgot...
  8. samiun

    are Predator cues really that good?

    I've been playing with some with predator cues for almost 10 years now. All of the cue are belongs to my best friends at the club, so the cue are available to use for me back in the day. I actually never own a predator cue, I once want to buy 5k1, but that went down when Ikon came out. For $500...
  9. samiun

    Holiday Giveaway from OTRTV - Free Prizes for 3 Winners

    Wow it's amazing. I'm in.
  10. samiun

    Who is the Person that has influenced your Pool Life the most?

    My Dad when I was a child, Bustamante, Efren and Souquet as my game improved.
  11. samiun

    The BIG Mezz shaft thread!

    Just asking and surely out of topic.... But here is the only Mezz thread that has many Mezz user Is there a web page that describe the tecnology or the blue print of the Mezz cue butt? I wonder how or what technique they use to assemble the butt. Exceed web and the other i.e Predator web also...
  12. samiun

    Predator QR Extension

    I'm sorry, but I don't buy the Predator QR Extension. I just have a custom extension with same radial joint and a bumper with same thread to screw into the butt of the cue. Again, the bumper just look not right for the color combination with overall look of the cue, so I want to buy the Original...
  13. samiun

    Predator QR Extension

    I just need to buy the bumper, because I already have the extension with a radial joint made for my custom cue, and I know from my cue maker that the bumper also can fit in predator butt. Now, I think it's harder to find one. :)
  14. samiun

    Predator QR Extension

    Thank you very much sir. So now I just go and buy the 1st generation bumper. I may say it was called a QR Extension, because the next one was QR Extension², and I maybe absolutely wrong too, because I never pay atention for the first gen. After all, thank you sir.
  15. samiun

    Predator QR Extension

    As for now predator has two extension, can someone help telling me which one is using the radial joint? The first version or the second version? I already have 1 custom extension and 2 custom cue that using bumper with radial joint, and now one of my another cue bumper socket tapped to fit the...
  16. samiun

    Asian custom (and prod) cue makers list

    Indonesia: H-nung Custom Cue (D'cue 1908) Maycarella Custom Cue
  17. samiun

    Ferrule became blue on the wood joint.

    Actually the stain is not below the tip (top of the ferrule), but on the ferrule before the joint on the shaft (bottom of the ferrule).
  18. samiun

    Ferrule became blue on the wood joint.

    I'm kinda sliding chalk on the tip type of person, so the chalk never had a hole that so deep. I also like to cut the side sticker of the chalk and grinding down the chalk when I get home, so the chalk also become even on the chalking side. Two of my cue never had this problem until I use the...
  19. samiun

    Ferrule became blue on the wood joint.

    I have many chalk brand in my cases, which is vary between the case I carry (also the cue). Lately I discover one of my chalk (top brand one) leave a stain from the joint of the ferule and shaft which I refer to bottom section of ferrule. The stain only visible in the bottom section and not the...
  20. samiun

    Hardcase Cover

    I'm just 178cm with average size body, but i'll try. Yes sir, I just don't know what to call it. Thank you very much.