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    You'll Be Up Here Yet
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    Please help I D this cue.

    It looks a lot like some of the import cues that were sold at places like Kmart and some sporting stores. Miz used to have cues that looked like your cue. The wrap I am sure is not Irish linen. They sold for around $30.00. I used to know a guy who bought them and converted them into custom cues...
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    Let a novice get away with blatant fouls?

    I never play with people who play that bad. What is the point. I just let them play with each other and enjoy themselves. What point is there to me beating them and showing off?
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    Who was 'Sneaky Pete'?

    No one has mentioned him but when I saw the original question I thought it was asking about the guy who called himself "Sneaky Pete" and dressed like a clown. He did pool exhibitions back in the 80's. I remember one of his cues would explode and smoke would come out the end. I just tried to find...
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    The trend of conceding a match

    Yes, I didn't even try to make it when he jumps up and says "I can't believe it he missed"!!!. Joe Salazar was sitting there and came to my defense that I had not even aimed at the ball just shoved the cue ball. While this guy acted like he was being cheated he didn't want to play any more and...
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    The trend of conceding a match

    I don't like it at all and resent being made to feel like a nit because I stay in the chair till the rack is over. It has gotten to where they start giving balls to themselves like you never have to shoot the last ball. They look at you like " You want me to shoot this"
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    Who was 'Sneaky Pete'?

    I would say it was not a person and the term applied to that class of cue.. Years ago Pete Margo had a line of cues and one was the two piece house cue they called the "Sneaky Pete" I assumed after Pete. He also had one called "The Saturday night special" that was a SP. Having said that, they...
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    Charlie Ursitti Phot

    Not Charlie
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    getting to where i really hate 9 ball

    That would only change one aspect of the so called luck. You can't control the lay of the balls after a break or getting hooked after he misses. All sport has luck so to speak, be it horse racing or hockey but you usually don't notice it unless happens at a critical time.
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    A Pool Tale: Nobody Likes to Lose

    He had another really nice house in Rio Vista on the intercostal waterway that no one ever mentions. I think he liked the golf course house because he could play golf everyday. I used to see him like 2 or 3 times a week, He used to dress in really bright clothes and I would see him on the...
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    getting to where i really hate 9 ball

    Pool is plagued by luck but most never notice it unless it happens at a critical point in the match. Tha score could be 0 to 0 and you over play a position and instead of being snookered you can just see the edge of the ball and run out. That one shot in the first rack may have changed the...
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    Cue makers who like to use a thinner then normal handle in their cues?

    Ginacue made a slim cue back when he started when it was completely against the norm. I think today most every cuemaker make what is a slimmer cue then was the old norm years ago. That is also why you get a custom cue to get that kind of detail such as butt thickness. All cuemakers offer...
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    getting to where i really hate 9 ball

    Someone who is a weak player slopping in a ball is a meaningless worry. Worry about the guy who runs out. Why would I concern myself with a guy who misses and make mistakes. I love this guy, luck is not going to save him.
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    A Pool Tale: Nobody Likes to Lose

    I played on the table that was there, he had several. The original was a brunswick with rails that were covered in bright copper. It was horrible and reflected light in your face. He later had the rails covered over in leather and that cured it. The house by the way was somewhat of a dump. Not...
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    Pool rooms (not bars) in the Miami/Broward area

    You could try the Gold Crown on Hollywood blvd in Hollywood. Haven't been there is a long time but it is usually quiet and people leave you alone. Here is another place. I don't like it but you may
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    Good Old Days Owning Poolroom

    For pool only is is a hit and miss thing. If you can develop a day business and have a reasonable nut you may survive but you never know, but at it's best it is just a job, no one is getting rich. You have to do it because you like the game and the business, not because you think you are going...
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    Good Old Days Owning Poolroom

    I don't know about a comfortable living. I worked in pool rooms like that in the 60's and they usually had very little day business and a few hours at night and often closed early. Many times it was the law. They were lucky to gross $50 or $60.00 a day. A $100.00 day was a bonanza. Just pool and...
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    Good Old Days Owning Poolroom

    No body said it was easy. I had a 24 hour place and although I put in a zillion hours would not have traded it for a "Punch the clock kiss ass job" for anything. Being in business for yourself is understood you will work more the a 40 hour week. Some people are the kind who don't want any...
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    John Morra can beat any American for the Dough

    It's funny you say that, I actually hate Canadians and everything about them.
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    Hustler the book audio

    The book is quite a bit different then the movie. It has been many years since read it but if I remember right in the end of the book Eddie and Burt end up going off as friends. The book was changed though at one point. I had read the original but later I read a newer copy that actually had...