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  1. AuntyDan

    Sold Predator P3 with two shafts

    FYI whilst the current P3 cues only have quick release joints in the past few years they have had a couple of P3 variants with radial pins, such as at the red "Racer" model and the Revo LCM/LRM models. (Unfortunately on the Predator website itself you can't see the pin type in their "Retired...
  2. AuntyDan

    Predator p3 with revo, should I buy?

    Yes, I believe the Revo specific P3 models have slightly thinner butts, which I prefer. I'm not sure if there are any internal construction differences, you could probably email Predator and ask as they don't seem to publish it on their website. They have the "R" logo for Revo on the butt in...
  3. AuntyDan

    Sold John Nemec Sneaky Hoppe (Deno)

    It can't be a real DeanO cue as it has actual pictures ;)
  4. AuntyDan

    Why is Pool so Addicting?

    If you want to get a detailed dissertation on this I recommend "Pleasures of Small Motions" by psychotherapist, author and billiard enthusiast Bob Fancher. PhD.
  5. AuntyDan

    Need professional instructor

    Oh and this guy is in Vegas too. :)
  6. AuntyDan

    Need professional instructor

    Scott Lee is highly recommended by many of us, but if you are determined to get a Pro I believe Max Eberle is based in your area and does lessons:
  7. AuntyDan

    When did the red measles start coming in duramith?

    Agreed. I have a regular set of the Aramith Tournament balls and assume the included cue ball is made of Duramith to match the object balls. Other than the huge black logo which I find distracting it gets dirty fairly quickly too. Not as bad as the original ProCup "measles" ball from 10 years...
  8. AuntyDan

    Predator Cloth Feedback?

    If you want faster you can just buy Simonis 760.Although 860 is the standard for tournament play there is an argument that home buyers should install 760 as 860 will slow down relatively quickly and, unlike in a busy pool hall or pro tournament, will probably not be replaced on a regular basis...
  9. AuntyDan

    New Color of Money Tattoo!

    Don't change the t-shirt, it's a nice touch.
  10. AuntyDan

    New Technology LD stiffness

    Don't hold back Bob, tell us how you really feel :) But unless your tip is completely flat (and if it is you have way more problems than paying too much for your tip) you can't ever be playing on an entire layer of glue. Yes, at some points in the life of the tip you will have thin seam of glues...
  11. AuntyDan

    Is the Revo 12.4 conical

    They are both "pro" taper as neither has a conical profile going in straight line from the joint to the tip. However the profile of the 12.4 rises faster due starting from a thinner tip. There's a diagram on the Predator website here showing the comparison.They rate the rate of change over the...
  12. AuntyDan

    Question for revo owners:

    If you don't feel you have the same level of fine cue ball control with your Revo shaft as you do with your other cues/shafts here are two things you can look at: 1) You mention using the same type of tip on both cues, but not what type. In my experience the Revo gives the best results in terms...
  13. AuntyDan

    New Derby rules

    Whilst I'm sure all the impassioned hang wringing about the minutia of One Pocket rules is simply fascinating to all of you who are simply fascinated by the minutia of One Pocket rules, can we talk for a minute about the 9 ball template rule? I don't understand how you can use the Outsville...
  14. AuntyDan

    with the long-running popularity of the predator bk cues

    Actually at least one person I've seen mentioned on Facebook is doing this, which is Rick Wykoff of Bird Dog Custom Cues: As far as I can tell only he's only being doing it with the newest BK Rush model with a Revo shaft, Note that Predator are not yet...
  15. AuntyDan

    The end of my revo

    I'm also interested in what the modifications were made to the shaft that have invalidated the warranty. I'd also like to know the approximate distance along the shaft the failure occurred, because someone on Facebook who cut open a broken Revo shaft found there is a metal plug about 15" from...
  16. AuntyDan

    What Would You Do?

    I'd do the exact same thing. It's just an automatic reflex for me and a lot of players I know, but I'm an amateur for whom playing big money matches is not a common occurrence and therefore the concept of keeping quiet to ensure a bigger win is sadly not familiar to me. Therefore I can't argue...
  17. AuntyDan

    Diamond Pro-Am or Rasson Victory II

    The main issue in this comparison question is so few people have played on, or own, Rasson tables, whereas there are a lot of people who have played on, or own, Diamond tables for over a decade now. With the Diamond you know exactly what you are getting, the pros and cons are well established as...
  18. AuntyDan

    Enough is enough!!!

    He's clearly committing two fouls on every shot, as he's not keeping a foot on the floor and he's playing with a cue that is clearly below regulation length (Looks like just the shaft to me, and not even a Revo shaft at that.) So we just need to make sure he gets an immediate lifetime ban from...
  19. AuntyDan

    Predator LE Willie-1 with Revo 12.4 Radial, mint condition

    [SOLD] Predator LE Willie-1 with Revo 12.4 Radial, mint condition I am selling a Predator LE Willie-1 with Revo 12.4 radial pin shaft in mint condition. The current total weight is 18oz and I can adjust this upwards if desired before shipping. It is in mint condition with only a...
  20. AuntyDan

    Wayne Norcross

    Thanks for letting us know. Wayne helped me out a lot back when he was the house man at Danny K's. He was a great guy and a great player.