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  1. mamono

    Titlist Conversions

    Wrapless Titlist conversion by William “Toeboy” Rikard, played only a few racks since it was refinished by Blackcreek over a decade ago.
  2. mamono

    What table is this?

    Look underneath the table, the materials used to construct the table and labeling can be seen from underneath. These should shed some light on what kind of table it is. Usually, you’ll be looking for a label.
  3. mamono

    Wanted: TAD Shafts and Set of TAD Joint Protectors

    TAD delron joint protectors can be ordered from TAD, they make them custom fit for the cue if you have your cue there. TAD shafts with silver ring are not that common, easier to order a shaft from TAD, IMHO.
  4. mamono

    Show me your Tad Kohara cues...please.

    Serial number #1 gives us the date when TAD started using serial numbers, August 1978. Keep in mind that TAD Kohara had been making cues since the mid-1960’s, thus there are many cues that do not have a serial number. This is a picture thread, so pictures welcome.
  5. mamono

    Cue info needed

    TAD, pre-1970, likely 1968-1969. Very early cue, when TAD was still experimenting. I believe it to be a precursor to the TAD5 on the catalogue.
  6. mamono

    TAD cue

  7. mamono

    Vintage bill schick 1991 rare

    That sure is a beauty! GLWS.
  8. mamono

    Pool Wars and More Pool Wars

    How about just for the 2nd one signed? I have your first book signed when it was first published. Was a great read. PM price?
  9. mamono

    Vintage TAD Titleist

    Very nice work, good to know someone can replicate the logo. I have a TAD Titlist with the same logo. It indeed is a TAD, a very nice classy TAD cue.
  10. mamono


    I don't know what it is, but I like it.
  11. mamono

    TAD Hoppe PurpleHeart Cue

    There are 3 TADCUP competitions each year: USA, Taiwan (Asia), and Japan; hence, 3 cues with the same year, but usually they will list USA, Taiwan/Asia, or Japan after the year. Great price for this TADCUP cue, GLWS.
  12. mamono

    westinghouse old yellow

    Timothy Song also have some westing house micarta ferrules, don’t know if he has any large enough for a joint though.
  13. mamono

    FS: Schon 13 Old Growth Shaft

    Bump, price lowered.
  14. mamono

    Blackcreek Gabon Ebony Hoppe Custom Pool Cue SOLD

    Blackcreek Gabon Ebony Hoppe Custom Pool Cue Cue has a black stacked leather wrap and silver railroad track ringwork. Cue has some dings, some minor finish chips from the dings, and a butt cap chip. Nothing that affects play. Shafts have some taper roll. Cue plays very well. Finish is still...
  15. mamono

    Very early Tad

    Beautiful cue, GLWS. Posting the pictures in case someone is URL click~phobic.
  16. mamono

    Sold Tad flat faced

    TAD 4pt players are great cues, someone will be happy if they pick this up.
  17. mamono

    FS: TAD1M BEM Variant Cue

    TAD1M Bird’s Eye Maple (BEM) Variant Butt: 15.820 oz, 29” inches Shaft 1: 12.95mm, 4.495 oz, 29 5/8” inches Shaft 2: 12.66mm, 4.395 oz, 29 5/8” inches Joint Type: 5/16x18 Piloted SS Cue has some finish lift over the rings, finish is mostly intact. Cue is played, yet well taken care of...
  18. mamono

    Dinevey Full Splice Kielwood/Cocobolo Cue