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    Please list Techniques/Ways players use for a successful shot

    Different threads have been saying fundamentals and systems are less important only methods are important. To fire an accurate shot with a firearm (providing you have a reliable firearm) you have to align the sights on target and pull, press or squeeze the trigger without disturbing the sight...
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    Diamond tables?

    I contacted Diamond by email and was promptly answered. I started the email by saying I'm just pricing tables didn't seem to matter I received 1st class customer service.
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    Bert Kinister online instruction?

    Does anyone have a review of Bert Kinister's online instruction in regards to video access and billing? I have some of his videos and would recommend them as quality instruction. I'm asking if the site is reliable. I had a bad experience with another pro's...
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    JA calls out American players

    Right you are people do forget they just like to focus on the negatives. Johnny Archer was the Shane of his day a favorite to win every event he entered. Nick Varner was just a monster no give up win or lose.
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    It's pronounced Efren!

    Its the "N" on the end of his name that keeps fooling people.
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    Production cues made for Men and Women?

    That is funny
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    What to do with this cue?

    What he said
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    Production cues made for Men and Women?

    Playing league somebody was trying to sell a production cue to a lady at league said it was specially made for a woman. I don't know what brand of cue it was She asked me what I thought I said there are only cues of different weights, lengths, wraps, no wraps, after that he moved onto a...
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    Pool Table Mechanic Hack Job on Military Base in Hampton Roads VA

    I was in over 24 years played on a lot of bases. I never saw anybody in charge of the pool tables who knew the difference between a Foosball table or a pool table. All of them were like the man who ran the university billiard room Eddie Felson worked at in the color of Money book uninterested...
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    Jan Swanson now Mosconi Cup event?

    If the Swanee has Mosconi points that means the field should be bigger than ever? The Swanee used to be held at College Billiards in El Cajon (part of San Diego) big reasons it moved to Hard times was College billiards wasn't big enough to hold the bigger number of players that play the Swanee...
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    Back home again! Buddy's book

    Congratulations! Does anybody know why that book has never been reprinted?
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    Pro players only respond please

    I hate when threads get sidetracked (now I'm the one doing it). What is considered a world class stop shot speed (using a 1-4 rail cueball speed measurement)?
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    How Arrogant of the United States!

    The United States used to be arrogant striving to be the best it was our greatest strength, but since the 90's when we started trying to please everybody we've become weaker by the year Don't worry about the inequity of one country trying to compete against many if history is an indicator we...
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    Jay Helfert

    Thank you for the replies. I would like to see an American team win, but in the end I'm a pool fan who appreciates good matches. All this American team can do is shake the other teams hand and be determined to practice twice as hard for a better showing next time. All I as a...
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    Race To 5 In 9 ball a Coin Flip?

    I would think American players would have a huge advantage in the Mosconi cup format. Its basically amateur league pool on steroids meaning each individual has a limited number of games to play. League pool or most amateur tournaments are all about you having to play good right out of the...
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    Jay Helfert

    I've never seen a Mosconi cup live. Are the players allowed practice time between matches or is it like an amateur league situation where you have one table and you wait for your turn in the rotation?
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    Racking the balls

    I ask because I don't know what I don't know. I searched the rules, but didn't find a ruling When racking the 14 balls for a new rack if the break ball interferes with only the triangle but not the rack of balls: Is the break ball marked so the balls can be racked or is the break ball...
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    Sticking to the stack on breakshots

    Thank you to all who responded I greatly appreciate your advice. I asked the question because I don't know what I don't know
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    Cueball sticking to the stack on opening break shot

    Thank you for all the replies. I can see I need to be more precise with my cue. My default tip setting is stun. I know doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results,
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    Cueball sticking to the stack on opening break shot

    1. Hit rack at an angle 2. Hit corner balls 3. Traditional break ball position rules a. Cueball closer to rail than break ball use follow b. Cueball even with break ball use center c. Break ball closer to rail than cueball use draw My question comes down to this. When I'm not...