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    I’m Still Here….Szamboti Monsters x2

    Top cues, as always. Only time when sharing BS is acceptable 😁
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    Don Sherman of Sureman Cues Has Passed

    Don lived for cues. He knew his stuff. I'm sure that kept him up many nights but I'm sure he loved every minute regardless. Those who had the pleasure of talking with him on a regular basis realized his knowledge and his funny wit. His passing is a huge loss to the pool community. I'm sure he's...
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    'Railroad' - Jill Hawk Cue Case

    Beautiful case!
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    In need of your help

    Balabushka GB5........ (Newer one made overseas, not made by George)
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    Keith Josey Cue With Red Mallee Burl & Curly Maple

    Really came out great. How do you like the ringwork?
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    Tascarella owners club only entire here !

    Love how they put an aluminum bushing inside the cap too. Pete did that on my fancy one he built in 2007. I call that a "cap saver" :) Nice cue Myron
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    My New Haley!

    BIG.....BIG.....BIG.....Yeah that only starts to describe it.. Congrats!
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    Just a tease .......

    Another spectacular cue from the 27!! Lucky as "we" all are 😎
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    Just a tease .......

    Yes. All the cues points come together at the bottom. John told me he wouldn't have it any other way. :)
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    Very Nice Group Photo

    Fancy Glitter Band Bushka & the pinnacle, Loaded 8 Point Szamboti!! Dont Get any better....
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    Just a tease .......

    ......... Really came out super NICE!! I know it plays as it should!
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    Just a tease .......

    Yeah he's a good guy with a lot of knowledge. Not only for cue building but playing as well. Hope you enjoyed the show!
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    Just a tease .......

    Cue #4 "Blue Boti"
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    Just a tease .......

    From the Kansas City area
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    Just a tease .......

    This is 1 of 27 cues built of various design mostly with Szamboti and Balabushka themes. These styles were executed beautifully to preserve the legacy of their work. I know this project means a lot to Todd and John. When ready, a more detailed description of the project will be shared. The...
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    Just a tease .......

    It really is exceptional all around! .... >> Off to the basement 😁
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    Just a tease .......

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    Just a tease .......

    Ding ding ding... AND Todd Carpenter.👍 Collaboration cue.... Pics to follow 😊
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    Just a tease .......

    No but if we're using a couple of those leters😉... I don't think that hint reveals too much😊
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    Just a tease .......

    There's a lot of things I can say the same...