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    FS Original Corsair cue purpleheart, all original, great player

    Wish I could afford it love the cue
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    ~*~*~*~*~*~*~* kikel*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

    How much are you trying to get for it?
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    WTB Mike Lambros cue

    Are you selling the cue with the green wrap? If so pm me.
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    Other than the obvious how does it improve your shot or change it?
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    What the difference in the number of points a cue has? I know it's a nube question but I'm wondering?
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    New player needs a cue

    Live in ma, USA
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    New player needs a cue

    I am most likely getting a Valhalla. Have any of use used one of these cues before?
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    First League game tonight

    Just hate fun and have a drink before to loosen up of that is your thing. I'm starting to play in a league in the next few weeks it's all about having a food time wining is the best but if you miss a ball no one will be mad at you.
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    First Thread - Three ball

    Great fun game to play I normally play for quarters like 50 cents in and if you scratch you put in another quarter and your turn is over can get pretty fun and make some money when you have 6/7 people playing.
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    New player needs a cue

    Why is this? What do you like about a meucci better than say a Viking?
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    New player needs a cue

    Is there something you might be able to suggest? Also just like feel wise when I hit and use draw on the cue ball how much will the feel be different than a house cue I've never used a cue costing more than like $50 before.
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    New player needs a cue

    Now what would be the difference in the cue that I posted and say one of the ones you said were good? I'm really a newbie about all of this.
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    New player needs a cue

    Hey guys, I'm pretty new to pool in general I've been playing for about a year and a half I'm a pretty good player though and will be playing in a league soon so I'm looking for a good cue for under $200. I was looking at the Viking V103 and wondering if this is a good que or another cue would...