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    Wanted :- Strike line aiming

    Hi I'm looking to purchase a full set off someone, I live in Northern Ireland and the owner of strike aiming will not post to me :angry::confused:, so if anyone has a very good condition full set please contact me with asking price and a few photos of condition would be great. Regards A.moore
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    Precision Potting manual - Free of Charge

    Hi Ignatius I received my copy of your book today, thank you for sending it free, I look forward to reading it and will post my thoughts after doing so. :thumbup2:
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    2016 world cup of pool

    Will be held in China in December, from the 16th-21st, it's usually England in September so I contacted match room pool and got this information back.
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    Help choosing a lathe

    Please delete
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    Buying the correct lathe

    Post moved..........
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    2 grosses of pre flag master chalk $110 shipped

    Hi there do you have any of the chalk left?