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    Ultimate Pool Accessory? The Cataract Surgery Replacement Lens

    I have had cataract surgery and had toric lenses implanted. My regular eye dr and my surgeon understand that I play pool and my acuity needs to be crystal for at least nine feet. It just so happens with this correction I am perfectly able to drive, read and go about my everyday life. I have one...
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    Giving Back To The Game

    Florence Fuller, Binghamton NY
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    Giveaway, Muecci Original Gambler

    I'm in! Thanks for the chance!
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    Habitat for Humanity Veterans Build

    Wanted to say my sweetie and I had a great time at the Hopkins exhibition. Saw some players I haven't seen in years. Allen and Shadow could go on the road as a pool playing comedy team. Very funny! We won 3 cue raffles(I gotta check my powerball tickets) ate, drank and was merry! Thanks to...
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    Willie Jopling's death

    Loved to talk shots, always ready to answer questions. A very fine gentleman. My prayers go out to his family. Rest in Peace.
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    Valley Forge 10-Ball

    results Ceci or Allen will post a tournament report shortly, but here's what I recall Main 1st Nelson Oliveira 2nd Shaun Wilkie 3/4 Dave Daya, Dave Grau 5/8 Bucky Souvanthong, Freddy Scott, Ed Matushoneck, Ryan McCreesh Women 1st Sharon O'Hanlon 2nd Kim Meyer Jr Champ Jonathan Castillo...