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    Rasson Victory II solid?

    i play daily on rasson victory 2 + table and i absolutely love it more than eny diamond table we play with 4.3.. intch pockets and those are deep, rails are perfect and hitting from the rail is alot harder than in other tables when you test it you will understund it. if you like easy tables get...
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    CF jump cues in Vegas

    Becue has one
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    2019 World 10 Ball - Contest - Enter Now

    shane van boening
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    reminds me from my own cue exept i have becue prime m
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    sign in pop up

    i have same broblem, started today
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    Putting ferrule on a Revo, so much better!!!!!!!

    for the sighting broblem why just not put white tip on shaft like i did on my prime m.