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    $20 for a signed cue and a signed Bud Light bottle I've got $20 on it
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    My little gripe with the APA, what do you think?

    Sam exact thing happened to me. Same response. Same feeling of "you are quick to take my money but slow to do customer service" feeling
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    please ident this meucci cue

    I have one of these and the actual worth is $680 not 400-500 as posted above.
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    What is so special about Cognoscenti cues?

    There is nothing special about them. Now go on with you life!
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    WPBA Viejas Vehemence

    OMG! Wow...
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    Earl calling out Joe Rogan

    I knew that! I was testing you. You passed!
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    GAG order on WPBA players?!?!

    I find this VERY disturbing. EVERY year I have trouble getting into the event at Viejas. SOMEONE just fails to understand that PR and free publicity are the lifeline of the business, and that helping us (the media - writers, and photographers) helps them in turn. I point no fingers in blame...
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    Greg Sullivan

    Can't wait to see you guys in San Diego Ashi
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    Earl calling out Joe Rogan

    This is how much of his cue Earl plans of shoving up Joe's a$$ (for those of you who have a tough time spotting irony and humor - the above photo and statement are meant as a joke.)
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    Try This for Air Fare

    BS. They roped you into buying insurance! They lied and you ate it... Nevada is not exempt from your own car insurance policy, neither is it exempt from your credit card coverage. I think you've been had.
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    Try This for Air Fare

    You don't HAVE to take the insurance if your insurance covers you in a rental car (and many do!) They'll try and ask you what your deductible is, to lay a guilt trip on you, just say "I don't know" or "non of your business" and decline the "added" insurance. Yes. Initial "here" that you decline...
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    Earl calling out Joe Rogan

    See hoe Joe playes Watch Joe run the table against TAR Justin. I filmed this at the Swanee at Hollywood Billiards in LA
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    Earl calling out Joe Rogan

    See hoe Joe playes Go Joe! I say pool game, then 1 round in the octagon. Earl can wear whatever he wants in the ring.
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    Diamond Drill ?

    In my opinion ANY drill is a diamond drill if you use the diamonds to: Bank Kick calculate position get your speed down etc.
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    Is this memorabilia

    Some day Heya Mark, Ashi here. Some day this will be a collectible - some pool room, hall of fame, memorabilia palace would love to have one of those giant checks. Keep it. Hold it. 10-20 years from now, who knows?
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    Would you buy a SHARKING video?

    If you add proposition bets, some sucker bets, woofing techniques and such I would SO buy it! Look, with today's video production costs you can do it on the cheap. I think it will sell and all those that say they won't buy it will get the DVD just not tell their friends.
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    Kevin Trudeau jailed for 30 days. I say not enough...
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    J. Swanson Memorial (Swanee) 2010 photos

    NO! That was the guy sitting next to me! He had a bet AGAINST Oscar and took every opportunity to shark him. I'm too much of a professional to do so! I mean, really?!
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    J. Swanson Memorial (Swanee) 2010 photos

    Fixed Thank you Jaden! :-)