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    Cuetec Cynergy - 12.5mm

    Yes, same here. The combination of sweat and dust from the table sometimes makes the shaft less than smooth, so when I feel my bridge hand starts to sweat, out comes the glove 😅
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    Konllen Carbon Break and Jump Queue experience

    Don't have an experience using the cue, but the brand is quite known here in Indonesia (SE Asia) - there are a few products available, like cues, gloves, cue towels etc.
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    King Cases

    Is that suede? Dear Lord, that's a beauty. That's the case I would want if I can afford a handcrafted leather cue case. Awesome work! (y)
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    Sawdust Cues?

    Decided to try out Jack's cue, so ordered one - got it about a week ago and really happy with my purchase. It feels really balanced, and really light when combined with my Cynergy shaft. Came with two shafts (one kielwood and one LD maple shaft), leather and extension. He says that it's 'reverse...
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    Best tip for a Break/ Jump cue

    Currently using Kamui Sai, I think it's quite good (replaced the original phenolic tip from my break cue, hard but can't control it well) - the Sai (to me) gives better control, like keeping the ball in the center after break etc - of course, YMMV 😁
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    Wood or carbon?

    Not sure if a newbie should comment here, but... have both wood and carbon shafts (both LD), and play with both of them. Pool is a hobby, so I'm always curious on what's new. Wasn't too interested in CF, but then tried my friend's CF shaft and it feels... nice & true, I think? So, when I saved...
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    Carbon Fiber Break Shaft Tip

    Hi, since I have a bit of experience with the Kamui (not a competitive player, just play for fun and sometimes league plays with friends), thought I'd share. I have the Kamui Sai tip on my break cue (have jump / break that uses Taom 2.0 too, but it's a wood shaft), replaced the original...
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    Kamui break tip

    Got it on my break cue as well - liked how I can control my break better than the original phenolic tip. Hardness? as Zerksies mentioned, almost similar to the phenolic, but with more control. Worth trying, I think 😁
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    Last 4 Ever Tip Tool

    Just ordered mine from @Last4Ever - it'll have a looong journey to go (the perks of living in SE Asia 😅), but still looking forward to trying it out!
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    Looking for opinions on break/jump cues

    Hi @gwstexas - glad you found a break cue to your liking. I happen to own a Rage Heavy Hitter and another regular weight jump break cue (J&J). Bought the Rage to try it out, and I after using it for a while I tend to carry the J&J more. For me, the weight of the Rage is nice when I'm feeling a...
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    New Here? - Introduce Yourself

    Hello everyone, Ernesto here. I'm from Indonesia, got interested in pool since my dad taught me in primary school. Now almost 50 y.o., and still in love with the game. Had to stop playing about 6-7 years ago due to an accident that injured my dominant eye. Moved job end of last year, and my new...