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    Wrapless Exceed

    Hey, Anyone have a wrapless Exceed they want to sell? With or without any shafts.
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    Favorite non-layered playing tip?

    I have a KI-TECH Medium on my Mezz Ignite. I love it. Great hit and grip.
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    Mezz Butt - United Joint

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    Mezz Butt - United Joint

    Bump, still looking
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    Your best playing production cue

    Mezz EC7 with a WX900 shaft
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    Mezz Butt - United Joint

    Bump, still looking
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    Mezz Butt - United Joint

    Hello, I'm looking for a united joint Mezz butt. Not picky on the model. Thanks
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    Mezz Case - Black

    Looking for a Mezz case, model MO-23 Black. Mezz is out of stock.
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    Sold Mezz Power Break G and PB II

    Sent you a message
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    Sold Mezz EC7 Cue

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    Wanted: Mezz Power Break G

    Hey, Anyone have a Mezz Power Break G they are looking to get rid of? Whole cue or just the shaft. Thanks
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    Mezz Ignite

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    got my mezz ignite shaft

    I got mine as well a week ago. I agree with the energy transfer. I was over hitting shots for a while. Its really amazing how little effort it takes to get a lot of action. The feel is very good as well. I'm coming from a WX900 shaft.
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    Shaft help

    Mezz WX900s are great. 12mm
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    Mezz EX Pro - United joint

    Sent you a reply. Thanks
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    Mezz EX Pro - United joint

    Hey, I have a Mezz Ex Pro shaft for sale. 12.5mm 29" United joint Joint protector included Ultraskin soft tip Shaft has been used very little. I just prefer my WX900 shaft. SOLD Thanks
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    Bob Danielson cue

    Hello, I have a Bob Danielson cue for sale: SS360 Shaft - 3.75oz, 12.75mm Butt - 15.5oz Looks like Cocobolo/Maple with Purpleheart core. Not 100% that it is Cocobolo. 3/8x10 joint. A few dings in the bottom of the cue, as seen in the photos. Shaft is in very good condition. Very smooth...
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    BD cue!!!

    PM sent....
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    Two Mezz WX900 Shafts

    Sending IM
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    Mezz CP13 Bocote & PB-2 with Pro-R shaft

    PM sent for the PB-2